Institute Snapshots

The photos shown here represent a few of the many activities and learning experiences from the summer institute.


Dr. Leslie Horton was in charge of the mathematics institute.  She also taught us. Ms. Krystaline Sample-Young assisted with the instruction.  She explained how to do a lot of things.
Ms. Laura Little also assisted with the instruction.  We learned a lot from her. Dr. Vicki Hartley helped us understand some of the issues surrounding special education.
Activities with pattern blocks . . . Activities with dominoes . . .
Activities with calculators . . . And then, there was the sharing time.
The calculators helped to make some of the data analysis easier to do. What a great tool for helping us!  We got to concentrate on the "meaning" instead of spending time on the calculations!
Does it all add up?  It will with the two-color counters! Is it 3 x 6 or 6 x 3 or both?
The demonstration helped us with the modeling. The explanations helped us to understand.
Demonstrations allowed us to learn from others. We calculated pi!
We gathered data and then drew graphs to find special relationships. Some of our data resulted in linear graphs which led to interesting discussions!
And then, there were the tangrams . . . We discovered many lessons with tangrams.
Some of us got some individualized attention. Some of us got to display interesting or unique solutions.
Sometimes we worked in pairs. Sometimes we worked in small groups.
Look at that neat box and whisker model on the wall! We learned many different forms of representing data.
Each of us had an opportunity to teach a lesson. The manipulatives made explanations easier.
  Another opportunity for sharing.
Several of the participants in the summer institute were attending for the second year.  They worked on staff development plans and other activities while the first year participants worked on content areas.








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