Participant Lesson Plans


Rachel Allhands
Kirkpatrick Elementary School, Clarksdale
Function Tables (Grade 4)
Pascal’s Triangle (Grade 4)

Jackie Brown
Solomon Middle School, Greenville

Rochelle Clifton
I. T. Montgomery Elementary School, Mound Bayou

Virginia Curb
John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Mound Bayou
Exploring Patterns (Grade 3)
Everyday Measurements (Grade 4)

Jalisha Cross
Robinsonville Elementary School, Robinsonville

Anthony deBlois
West Tallahatchie High School, Webb

Patrick Evans
Hayes Cooper Center, Merigold
Introducing Integers (Grade 6)
Theoretical Probability (Grade 6)

Elizabeth Fisher
E. M. Boyd Elementary School, Greenville
Equivalent Fractions (Grade 4)
Pascal’s Triangle (Grade 4)

Miter Franklin
Robinsonville Elementary School, Robinsonville

Rodger Fullilove
Drew High School, Drew
Area of Polygons (Grades 9 – 12)
Pythagorean Theorem (Grades 9 – 12)

Sara Johnson
Carroll County, Carrollton

Cynthia Jones
Greenville High School, Greenville
Measurement (Grade 5)
Regression Analysis (Grades 10 – 12)

Christopher McCoy
West Bolivar High School, Rosedale
Finding the Volume of Three-Dimensional Figures (Grade 7)
Solving Problems Using the Order of Operations (Grade 8)

Sara Norman
Presbyterian Day School, Cleveland
Mandala Geometry (Grade 4)
Measurement (Grade 5)

Diane Owens
Carver Middle School, Indianola

Louise Robinson
John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Mound Bayou

Diana Sanders
John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Mound Bayou
Investigating Surface Area (Grade 7)
Using Square Tiles to Investigate Numbers (Grade 5)

Norman Snerling
Claarksdale High School, Clarksdale
Perimeter and Area (Transition to Algebra)
Prime and Composite Numbers (Transition to Algebra)

Garth Stewart
John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Mound Bayou
Solving Equations with Algebra Tiles (Algebra I)
All Squares Geometry (Transition to Algebra)

Ernestine Tucker
I. T. Montgomery Elementary School, Mound Bayou
Investigating Fraction Circles (Grade 4)
Fun with Transformations (Grade 5)