Institute Snap Shots

The pictures below represent part of the many activities and lessons during the institute.  


Dr. Leslie Horton directed the summer institute. Dr. Horton also taught lessons and led group discussions.
 Mrs. Laura Little assisted with the summer institute.  Mrs. Krystaline Young also assisted with the institute.
 Everyone had an opportunity to teach a lesson.  Teachers teaching teachers was a common occurrence during the month.
 Sometimes we figured it out . . .  Sometimes we cut it out . . .
 We measured . . .  We manipulated . . .
 The Ketchup had a great race!  The Mira made math fun!
 The popsicle sticks made lots of squares.  Is there more than one correct answer?
 We had calculators for more difficult computations.  We worked with our manipulatives to help us understand some of the concepts.
 There were activities with attribute blocks.  There were activities with pattern blocks.
 Who is the teacher here?  How are the students doing?
 The lesson plans got planned . . .  We enjoyed using the new computers!