Participant Lesson Plans

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Jacqueline Brown
     Decimal/Fraction/Percent Conversion
     Modeling Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Rochelle Clifton
     Exploring Square Units

Mattie Davis
     Why Use the Pythagorean Theorem?
     Creating Models of One-Step and Two-Step Linear Equations

Karen Harmon
     Discovering Patters in Multiples
     Discovering a Formula for Volume

Sara Johnson
     Patterns in Pascal’s Triangle
     Perimeter and Area of Rectangles 

Delecia Liddell
     Liddell 1

Laura Little
     Geometric Relationships–What is Pi?

Malcolm Moore
     Interesting Integers
     Measurement Mastery

Louise Robinson
     Mean, Median, Mode

Kimberly Taylor
     Exploring Patterns with Color Tiles
     Prime Factorization

Vivian Wilder
     Discovering Formulas for the Area and Perimeter of Triangles
     Trapezoids — Area

Sherry Young

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