Institute Snapshots




Mrs. Lauren Zarandona and Dr. Leslie Horton
led the institute this year.



 Bertha, Diane, and Angela get serious about sorting fraction circles.

 Each year the classes get smarter and smarter!



 Sometimes three heads are better than one.

 Krystaline tries to convince Jalisha and Shelia that she has life all sorted out.



 How many teachers does it take to solve a pattern blocks problem?

Pattern blocks:  The shape of division. 



 Ohh . . . so that’s how it’s done?

Krystaline, Julie, and Phyllis actively engaged in exaggeration. 



 Phyllis takes charge of geometry.

Diane and Angela concentrate on classifying. 



 Miter proves that a plate doesn’t need to hold food to have a purpose.

Bertha wonders if she can measure up in the left-handed sponge squeeze in the Mini Metric Olympics. 



 They didn’t lose their marbles, they are just weighing them.

And the winners are . . . Phyllis, Miter, and Mrs. Z! 



Mrs. Z up, up, and away in the Pump-Up the Volume activity. 

Calvin looks ready to blow. 



 A "Mira" image reflects the power of imagination.

Anthony is determined to draw the "Mira" image. 






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