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2008 Number Sense/Algebra/Geometry Institute


  • Funded by IHL “No Child Left Behind” program and led by Dr. Leslie Horton, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education, and Mrs. Lauren Zarandona, a teacher in the Mississippi Delta.
  • 13 participants
  • Teachers of grades 4 – 12 from 8 different schools in the Delta: Carver Upper Elementary, Grenada High, Leland Elementary, Leland Park, Robinsonville Elementary, Shelby Middle, Williams-Sullivan High, and Winona Elementary.
  • 2 follow-up sessions during the 2008-2009 school year: October and February.
  • Special materials:  Curriculum Focal Points for PreK-8, Navigating Through Algebra, Navigating Through Data Analysis, Navigating Through Geometry, Navigating Through Measurement, and Navigating Through Probability (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2001-2006)
  • Special activities with technology: TI-73 calculator, Geometer’s Sketchpad, digital camera, web lesson preparation, mathematics features of MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.
  • Dr. Clifton Wingard (Professor, Mathematics Department) at Delta State University, served as web master for the institute web pages.
  • Each teacher received a daily stipend, $900 in teaching materials, and 6 hours of graduate credit.
  • Each teacher made a presentation based on topics from the Mississippi Framework: Patterns, Geometric Relationships, Spatial Relationships, Introduction to Measurement, Perimeter and Area, Volume and Surface Area, Pascal’s Triangle, and Probability.
  • Former director of the Institute, Dr. Stella Wear, led activities with technology.



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