Institute Snapshots



And you want us to do what with these blocks?

Okay, Now I see.  Dr. Wear to the rescue.



Lauren shows participants how to use Pattern Blocks as fracton tiles.

Bernard describes a pattern to Tyjawanda and Carolyn. 



Bernard says, "I’ll just show you!"

Dr. Strahan and Lauren–two instructors are better than one.



Carley plays football with her triangle as Charmaine pretends not to see.

Carley goes back to work after making a winning field goal.



 Pam shows Thomas the area of a small triangle.

 Okay Thomas, this is what it looks like!


Jordan says, "Wait a minute, mine doesn’t look like that!" 



  We’ve never seen dominoes like these




  Participants are deeply involved in daily activities.








 Pam’s creation–Poly-gonal.  Susan and Carley think Polly is so cute!

 A close-up of Polly.  Awe!  She’s voguing.



 Jordan tries to create Paul-gonal, but it doesn’t quite work out.

 Carolyn, "Thomas, what are you doing now!?"

  LaShonda knows exactly where that triangle belongs.



  The Miras were the coolest things next to sliced bread!




  Participants showing off graphs



 Tyjawanda, Liz, and Charmaine

 Carley, LaShonda, and Pam



 Felicia, Bernard, and Thomas

 Jordan, Carolyn, and Susan






 Bernard and Susan being studious students

 Tangrams, the most frustrating activity (for everyone except Charmaine!)



She loved ’em so much, she made a house out of ’em!




 Felicia, "Geoboards–Gotta love ’em!"

 Carley and Charmaine are lovin’ ’em too!

Tyjawanda, Carolyn, and Liz are making geo-houses.


Susie shares her technolgoy skills with Carolyn.  Will this lesson plan ever be finished!



Is this design school or a math institute?





Cool blue Cube


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