Participant Lesson Plans

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Rene Branson
Grenada Middle School
Cleveland, MS
Grade 7:  Pondering Polygons
Grade 7:  The Golden Ratio
Grade 7:  Graphing Ordered Pairs on a Coordinate Plane
      *  Battleship Gameboard  (MS Word required)
      *  Graphing Points (MS Power Point required)

Tanya S. Castal
Coahoma County Junior High School
Clarksdale, MS
Grade 8:  Annual Fashion Day
Grade 8:  What Percent of Ratio is Proportion?
Grade 8:  A Slope or not a Slope? That is the Question?

Toshiro Conrod
Stern Enhancement School
Greenville, MS
Grade 5:  Perimeter
Grade 5:  Identifying Angles
Grade 5:  Probability

Erika Downing
Oakhurst Middle School
Clarksdale, MS
Grade 5:  Equivalent Fractions
Grade 6:  Probability
Grade 6:  Collecting and Organizing Data

Willie Edwards
Ruleville Central Elementary School
Ruleville, MS
Grade 4 -5: Comparing Fractions
Grade 5: Arrays to see Multiplication
Grade 5: Working with Larger Arrays

Emily Hatcher
Grenada Middle School
Grenada, MS
Grade 7:  Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Grade 7:  Finding Sales Tax
Grade 7:  Finding Discount and Sales Price

Carolyn A. Johnson
Warren Central Intermediate School
Vicksburg, MS
Grade 5:  Solving One Step Equations
Grade 5:  Writing Equivalent Fractions
Grade 6:  Measuring Irregular Shapes

Leigh Ann Melton
Grenada Middle School
Grenada, MS
Grade 5 – 7:  Introduction to Measuring Length in Customary Units
Grade 7:  Volume of a Cylinder
Grade 7:  Polyhedra

Archie Mitchell
Walter C. Robinson Achievement Center
Cleveland, MS
Grade 8:  Measuring New Heights
Grade 8:  What’s the Deal with Probability?
Grade 8:  What is a Box and Whisker Plot?

Diane Lynn Morris
O’ Bannon High School
Greenville, MS
Grade 7:  Percent of Change
Grade 7:  Adding and Subtracting Integers
Grade 8:  Inequalities

Monica O’ Bryan
Davis Elementary School
Greenwood, MS
Grade 6:  Can You Get Three in a Row?
Grade 6:  Marshmallow Geometry
Grade 6:  Show me the Data!

Monica Reece
Grenada Middle School
Grenada, MS
Grade 6:  Adding and Subtracting Integers
Grade 6:  Function Machines
Grade 6:  Algebraic Expressions

Linda Roberts
Grenada Middle School
Grenada, MS
Grade 6:  Three-Dimensional Figures
Grade 6:  Probability
Grade 6:  Patterns

Michael D. Shepherd
A. W. James Elementary School
Drew, MS
Grade 5:  Number Sense: Understanding Place Value
          *     Place Value Chart — Attachment
Grade 5:  Measuring Perimeter
Grade 6:  Number Sense: Building Word Problems

Valerie Stovall
Stern Enhancement School
Greenville, MS
Grade 6:  Patterns and Sequence
Grade 6:  Making a Table
Grade 6:  Symmetry and Tessellations

Maxine Williams
Bell Elementary School
Boyle, MS
Grade 4:  Cubic Unit Models
Grade 4:  Volume of a Cube
Grade 4:  Geometric Solids

Lauren Zarandona
Chambers Middle School
Arcola, MS
Grade 5 -7:  Stock Market Fractions
Grade 5 – 7:  Polygon Division Models
Grade 7 – 8 Pre Algebra:  Modeling 2-Step Equations

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