Institute Snapshots


Summer Institute 2006

Institute Directors, Dr. Rose Strahan and Dr. Stella Wear, invite you to share in our experiences.  Everyone worked hard and created many new lessons for their upcoming school years.  Please visit the lessons that they wish to share with you.


Giving a new meaning to the phrase, “Lend a Helping Hand.”

Measuring Up to the Tasks!


A Rational Decision?

Lauren, Maxine, Rene Toshiro, Archie, Carolyn, Michael

Monica R., Linda, Emily, Valarie
Bill, Tanya, Monica O.

Erika, Diane, Leigh Ann

Smell ya’ later: Michael and Toshiro help summer camp participants with an experiment. Hallelujah! Valerie sings praises for the end of the day while completing a pattern activity.

Puzzled by pattern blocks: Monica R., and Tanya do division with pattern blocks. Confused by cubes: Erica and Bill look on with disbelief as Valerie counts unit cubes.

Dazzling the ladies with a dodecahedron: Archie shows off his creation while Lauren, Emily, Linda, and Tanya look on in awe. See symmetry?: Leigh Ann uses a Mira to reflect an image.

How corny: Monica, Michael, and Carolyn fill cylinders with puffy corn to measure volume. Tired…I mean tiled: Linda, Toshiro, and Diane use Algebra Tiles to solve equations.


2006 Summer Institute

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