Participant Lesson Plans

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Julie Avent

H.M. Nailor Elementary School

Cleveland, MS

Grade 6:  Relationships of three-dimensional figures

Grade 6:  Number patterns

Grade 6:  Prime factorization


Myra Bradfield

Shelby Middle School

Shelby, MS

Grades 6:  Perimeter, area, and volume

Grade 6:  Points, lines, rays

Grade 6:  Inequalities


Andrea J. Brown

Coleman Middle School

Greenville, MS

Grades 7-8:  Transformations

Grade 8-Pre-Algebra:  Integers

Algebra I:  Slope


Melissa Childress

Oakhurst Junior High School

Clarksdale, MS

Grade 7:  Equivalent fractions

Grade 7:  Surface area

Grade 7:  Collect and organize information in tables

Eddie L. Childs

John F. Kennedy Memorial High School

Mound Bayou, MS

Geometry 10:  Pairs of angles

Algebra II:  Systems of equations

Algebra I:  Solving equations


Laura Clark

Gentry High School

Indianola, MS

Grades 7-8:  Geometric patterns

Grades 7-8:  Lines of symmetry

Grades 7-8:  Triangle inequality theorem

John Cochran

Gentry High School

Indianola, MS

Algebra II:  Matrices

Geometry:  3-D graphing

Algebra II:  Quadratic equations


Andrea Jinks

Eastwood Middle School

Cleveland, MS

Grade 8:  Modeling properties

Grade 8:  Geometric problems with formulas

Grade 8:  Modeling operations with real numbers

Joseph Robinson

Greenville-Weston High School

Greenville, MS

Grade 9:  Number line graphing

Grade 9:  Addition/subtraction of polynomials

Grade 9:  Linear equations

Denise Taylor

Shelby Middle School

Shelby, MS

Grade 4:  Operations with whole numbers

Algebra I:  Non-linear functions

Grade 4:  Parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines

Janice Walker

Greenville-Weston High School

Greenville, MS

Geometry:  Reflections

Algebra I:  Linear functions

Algebra I:  Area and perimeter


Avis Williams

Shelby Middle School

Shelby, MS

Grade 6:  Factors of whole numbers

Grade 6:  Modeling and solving equations

Grade 6:  Inscribing squares and hexagons

Sandra Wilson

East Side High School

Cleveland, MS

Grade 9:  Probability

Grade 9:  Inequalities

Grade 9:  Solving inequalities


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