Institute Snapshots


  Institute directors Dr. Rose Strahan and Dr. Stella Wear prepare for the 2004 Institute. They invite you to explore the institute site to see teachers engaged with algebra tiles, pattern blocks, technology, two-color counters, and much more. They also hope that you find the lesson plans helpful as you plan your new year.

Do All Real #’s Really Have a Place in This Venn Diagram?


What ALL do we have to remember? Melissa, Avis and Joseph are thinking it through.


Pleading our case.
Myra’s putting them in their place.

Did She Really Put 1.9 in Counting Numbers?


Thinking outside…or maybe inside…the “box.” Cooperation gets the job done.

What kind of box for these cups?


John wonders, “How do you read this thing?” Andrea, could you hold the ruler still?


Denise, Janice and Laura show how their cups “lined up.” How many teachers does it take to work a TI-73 calculator?

Who ever thought making a square with tangrams would be so hard???


Piecing it together. I think a piece is missing.

Still Classifying…


Judge’s verdict is in. Julie, Andrea, and Melissa are sorting them out.

Stepping on Up…Building a Stairway to Mathematical Patterns


More Patterns and Now Algebra Tiles…What Next?


Eddie said, “Show me that one more time.” Goodness, this is a tough one, Sandra!


You mean I’m right? Now John, you are to keep your tiles on the table.


Oh yeah. A square really is a rectangle. Throwing in the towel…we had enough!

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