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Scholarship Information

General academic scholarships are automatically awarded once an official transcript is received and all qualifications met. University Work Study Programs and the Delta State Regular Student Employment Program are available also. For details, call The Student Financial Assistance Office, 662-846-4670. Community College Transfer Scholarships are also available. Guidelines for applying for Community College Transfer Scholarships can be obtained from the Division Office, 662-846-4060.

The Division of Languages & Literature offers several scholarships and awards:

The John R. Ford Shakespeare Award
  • Established in 2014 in honor of Professor John Ford, who taught Shakespeare at Delta State University for over twenty-five years, this award goes to an English major who has demonstrated academic excellence in Shakespeare studies.
The John Merrill Award 
  • Delta State University’s top journalism award was established in honor of Dr. John C. Merrill, a renowned journalist, educator, author, and Delta State University alumnus. 
The Leola Gregory Williams Scholarship
  • The Leola G. Williams Scholarship was established in 1981 to honor the courage and dedication exhibited by Mrs. Williams, an educator for more than thirty years and Instructor of English at the University from 1974 until her death in 1981.
The Weaver Betts Cotton Scholarship
  • The scholarship is presented to a junior or senior woman who is majoring in English who demonstrates excellence in scholarship, citizenship, and character.
The Evelyn Hammett Scholarship
  • This award is presented to a junior English major who is chosen by the English faculty as an outstanding writer.
The J’Nell Posey Coffman Memorial Scholarship
  • This award for creative writing was established by Charlie Coffman in memory of his wife, J’Nell Posey Coffman. It is awarded to an outstanding student in the creative writing degree program.
The Annie Caulfeild-Winston Scholarship
  • This award is presented to a junior or senior English major who is selected on the basis of excellence in English, character, and general culture.
The Ellen Douglas Scholarship
  • This $1,000 scholarship, named for a celebrated Greenville, Mississippi, novelist, is awarded annually to an outstanding entering freshman majoring in English.
Foreign Language Awards
  • The Robert “Buzzy” D. Wright Foreign Language Award and the Foreign Language Book Scholarship are presented to the most outstanding foreign language majors. Students who are studying more than one foreign language are usually given top consideration.
The John Hargrove Tatum Memorial Scholarship
  • Established in memory of Dr. John Tatum, who served for twenty years as Professor of German and Coordinator of International Studies, the scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving German or international undergraduate student.
The Rose Drake Burrell Scholarship
  • This scholarship is awarded to a deserving English or History major who demonstrates excellence in scholarship, citizenship, and character.
The William Authur Pennington Award
  • This award, honoring Dr. William A. Pennington, who served on the faculty of DSU for over forty years, will be given annually to an outstanding student of Philosophy.
Jack Winton Gunn Award
  • The highest academic honor given to a Delta State University student, in honor of the former Dean of the University.
Hazel Thornell Award
  • Established in memory of Ms. Hazel Thornell, this award is given annually to a student who has written an outstanding informal essay.
The Davidson Scholarship
  • Entering freshmen in liberal arts may compete for the Davidson Scholarship, which covers the entire cost of tuition, room and board, and books.


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