Languages & Literature – Faculty

Jerome Billingsley Bonnie Horton Jack Phillips Michael C. Smith
Benjamin Burgos-Aguilar Shawn Layman Edward Plough Jeff Smithpeters
Georgene Clark Noah D. Lelek Patricia Roberts Clint Tibbs
Michael Ewing Don Allan Mitchell Elizabeth Sarcone James Tomek
Susan Allen Ford Renelda L. Owen Marilyn Schultz Yvonne-Marie Bryan Tomek
Bill Hays Sally F. Paulson Dorothy Shawhan Donna Buford Watts



Jerome Billingsley
Instructor of English

 Office: 244 Kethley Hall
 Office Phone: 846-4551


 M.S. Univesity of Illinois
 M.A. University of Mississippi
 B.A. Delta State University

 Courses Taught:
          Introduction to Literature
          Expository Writing

Research Interests
          Library Science, Foreign Film



Benjamin Burgos-Aguilar
Professor of Spanish

 Office: 260 Kethley Hall
  Office Phone: 846-4071


 Ph.D. University of Mexico
 M.A. Michigan State University
 B.S. Alma College
 A.A. Warren Wilson College

 Courses Taught:
          Elementary Spanish            The Literature of Spain
          Cervantes                           Spanish Drama of the Golden Age
          Latin American Literature     Intermediate Spanish
          Advanced Spanish               Spanish Conversation



Georgene Clark
Assistant Professor Emerita of English

Office: 251 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4078

 M.S. Illinois Institute of Technology
 B.A. Tougaloo College

Courses Taught:  
          Composition                        Expository Writing
          Introduction to Literature      African-American Literature



Michael J. Ewing
Instructor of Communication Studies & Theatre Arts

  Office: Jobe 108
  Office Phone: 846-4075

  M.A. Columbia University

Courses Taught:
          Public Speaking                                           Interpersonal Communications
          Introduction to the Short Story and Novel        Theatre Activities
          Dramatic Performance & Production
Plays Directed for Delta State University:
          The Liar                                                       The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
          Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?                  These Shining Lives
          A Pleasant Evening Out                                The Variety Show (1-4)
          Mississippi Originals                                     Fables from Around the World
          24-Hour Theatre Festival (1-2)



John R. Ford
Assistant Professor Emeritus of English

  Office: 251 Kethley Hall
  Office Phone: 846-4078

  Advanced Study University of Michigan
  M.A. University of Maine
  B.A. Boston College

Scolarly Interests
          Shakespeare in Performance, Milton, and other Early Modern poets and playwrights

Selected Publications:
          Twelfth Night: A Guide to the Play (Greenwood Press, 2005)
          A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Focus Edition, 2009)



Susan Allen Ford
Professor of English, Writing Center Coordinator

Office: 259 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4082

Ph.D. University of Michigan
M.A. University of Michigan
B.A. Kenyon College

 Courses Taught:  
          Composition (including Advanced)        British Literature
          Jane Austen                                       Detective Fiction
          Approaches to Tutoring Writers            British Novel
          The Romantic Period                          The Gothic

Scholarly Interests
          Jane Austen and her contemporaries, Shakespeare in the 18th and 19th centuries, Detective Fiction

          Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal & Persuasions On-Line



Bill Hays
Professor of English

 hays  Office: 202 Kethley Hall
 Office Phone: 846-4084

 D.A. University of Mississippi
 M.A. Eastern Kentucky University
 B.A. Eastern Kentucky University

 Courses Taught:
          Creative Writing
          American Literature
          Film Studies

Scholarly Interests: 
          Fiction & Poetry Writing



Bonnie Horton
Adjunct Instructor of English

Office: 250 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4076

M.A. Delta State University
B.A. Mississippi State University

Courses Taught 
          Expository Writing



Shawn Layman
Adjunct Instructor of English

Shawn Layman2

  Office: 250 Kethley Hall
  Office Phone: 846-4076

  B.B.A. Delta State University
  M.Ed.  Delta State University

Courses Taught:  
          Composition                Developmental Writing
          Expository Writing       Introduction to Literature



Noah D. Lelek
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts
Coordinator of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Program

  Office: 240 Kethley Hall
  Office Phone: 846-4090

  Ph.D.      University of Missouri
  M.A.       Missouri State University
  B.S.E.D. Southwest Missouri State University

Courses Taught:
          Introduction to Theatre                  Public Speaking
          Interpersonal Communications

Research Interests
          Performance Auto/Ethnography, Applied Theatre, Performative Writing, Qualitative Methods,
          Narrative Inquiry, Devising, Directing, Lighting Design, and Theatre Pedagogy 



Don Allan Mitchell
Associate Professor of English, Interim Chair of the Division of Languages & Literature


Office: 242 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4091
M.F.A. University of Mississippi
B.A. University of Virginia

Courses Taught
          Modern American Drama       History and Literature of the Blues
          Expository Writing                Introduction to the Short Story and Novel
          Composition                         Introduction to Poetry and Drama

Research Interests:
          Blues Literature, Mississippi Literature



Renelda L. Owen
Instructor of English

Renelda Owen

Office: 256 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4063

M.A. University of Mississippi
B.A. Blue Mountain College

Courses Taught:
          English Composition
          Introduction to Literature



Sally F. Paulson
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

Office: 243 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4079

Ph.D. University of Memphis
J.D.  University of Kentucky
M.A. University of Illinois
B.A. University of Illinois

Courses Taught:  
          Public Speaking                Business Communication
          Persuasion                       Communication Theory             
          Gender Communication     Mass Communication
          Performance Studies         Small Group Communications



Jack Phillips
Instructor of English

Office: 254 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4068

Advanced Study University of Mississippi
M.Ed. in English Delta State University
B.S.E. in English Delta State University

Courses Taught:   
          Composition                       Introduction to Literature
          Expository Writing              American Literature
          British Literature



Edward Plough
Assistant Professor of English, Coordinator of Composition

Office: 257 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4059

Ph.D. Purdue University
M.A. Royal Holloway, University of London
B.A. Bradley University

Courses Taught:   
          Shakespeare                         World Mythology
          History of the Theatre           Introduction to Literature: Poetry & Drama
          World Literature (MALS)      Composition

Research Interests
          Shakespeare, Donne, Spenser, Milton, Marlowe, Modern American Drama and Film,
          Adaptation Studies, Musical Theatre

          “The Antioch Within: Pericles Adapted to Musical Theatre.” Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal
                     of Criticism and Theory
. Fall 2014.
          “Titus Andronicus Underwater,” in News from the Raven: Essays from Sam Houston State University on
                     Medieval and Renaissance Thought
. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.
          Review of Mark Thornton Burnett, Filming Shakespeare in the Global Marketplace. Palgrave
                     Macmillan, 2007, reprint 2012. This Rough Magic (December 2012). (LINK)



Patricia Roberts
Associate Professor of Journalism
Coordinator of the Journalism Program
Advisor to the Delta Statement  

Office: 245 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4468

M.S. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
B.A. Douglass College of Rutgers University

Courses Taught:     
          Writing for the Mass Media     News Reporting
          Editing for Print Media            Print Layout and Design
          Investigative Reporting            History of Journalism
          Feature Writing                      Newspaper Workshop
          Internship in Journalism          Special Topics in Journalism



Elizabeth Sarcone
Professor of English

Office: 258 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4070

Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
M.A. Mississippi University for Women
B.S. Mississippi University for Women

Courses Taught:  
          History of the English Language    British Literature 
          Introduction to Literature               American Literature I
          Composition I and II                     Chaucer
          Developmental English



Marilyn Schultz
Associate Professor of English, Coordinator of Teacher Education,
Sponsor of NCTE Student Group

Marilyn Shultz

 Office: 243 Kethley Hall
 Office Phone: 846-4061

  Ph.D. University of Missouri
  M.Ed. Lincoln University
  B.S.E. University of Central Missouri

Courses Taught:  
          Problems of Teaching English                                     Young Adult Literature
          Methods of Teaching Secondary Language Arts            Composition 
          Language Development and Writing                             Grammar for Teachers



Dorothy Shawhan 
Chair of the Division of Languages & Literature Emerita, Professor Emerita of English

Office: 250 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4076

M.F.A. George Mason University
M.A. Louisiana State University
B.A. Mississippi University for Women


Courses Taught:  
          Fiction Writing Workshop
          Creative Nonfiction Workshop
          Women Writers



Michael C. Smith
Assistant Professor of English, Editor of Tapestry

   Office:152 Kethley Hall
   Office Phone: 846-4089

   M.F.A. University of Notre Dame
   M.A. Hollins College
   B.A. University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Courses Taught:  
          Advanced Poetry Writing                                 Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama
          Poetry Writing Workshop                                American Literature II
          Literary Magazine Workshop                           Contemporary Literature
          “Deals with the Devil:” Faustian Literature         Composition

Please visit “Mike Smith’s Multiverse” for information on published books and upcoming readings.



Jeff Smithpeters
Associate Professor of English
Faculty Senator
Secretary of the Delta State Chapter of American Association of University Professors

Office: 246 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4062

Ph.D. Louisiana State University
M.A.  University of Arkansas
B.A.  Ouachita Baptist University


Courses Taught:  
          American Literature I and II        Expository Writing
          Southern Literature                    Toni Morrison
          Novels of the U.S. Civil War        Writers of the Mississippi Delta 



Clint Tibbs
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office: 224 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4085

Ph.D. The Catholic University of America
M.A. The Catholic University of America
B.A. Delta State University, History


Courses Taught 
          The History of Western Philosophy I                                      Western Religions
          The History of Western Philosophy II                                      Eastern Religions
          Introduction to Philosophy                                                     Ethics
          Philosophy of Religion                                                          Biomedical Ethics
          Logic                                                                                  A History of Women Philosophers
 Research Interests:
Biblical studies, early church history, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution,
           the history of science, theories of consciousness, and the interface between science, religion,
           philosophy, and the paranormal



James Tomek
Professor of French

Office: 233 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4077

Web Page:

Ph.D. Duke University
M.T.S. Spring Hill College
M.A Duke University
A.B. St. Peters College


Courses Taught:  
          French Language, Literature & Film – all levels                              
          Interdisciplinary courses (Film, Poetry, Painting)
          Introduction to Literature (English)



Yvonne-Marie Bryan Tomek
Instructor of English, Chair of the Sophomore Literature Committee

Office: 255 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4064

M.A. Delta State University
B.A. Delta State University


Courses Taught 
          Introduction to Literature       French Grammar, 3rd and 4th semester 
          Expository Writing               French Women Writers
          French Conversation            French Culture, Civilization and Literature



Donna Buford Watts
Adjunct Instructor of English

Office: 250 Kethley Hall
Office Phone: 846-4076

Advanced Study Oxford University & Vanderbilt University
M.A. University of Alabama
B.A. University of Mississippi


Courses Taught:
          Introduction to Literature
          Developmental Writing



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