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  Much of the Division planning is done through a comprehensive group of standing committees. These committees are designed to help facilitate different aspects of the Division’s regular activities. Students, normally majors or minors in the Division, are asked to join the standing committees, and student input is important in each committee’s work and recommendations. If you are asked to serve on a Division committee, please accept the offer, attend the committee meetings, and give us your ideas. Moreover, if you are not asked to serve on a committee but feel like you could make a contribution, the study the description of each committee listed below, contact its respective chair, and volunteer your services.

  • The Composition Committee
    • Oversees matters relating to developmental, beginning and advanced writing courses. This committee also supervises the Writing Proficiency Exam, organizes writing workshops, and sponsors other programs which promote the quality of the written word.
  • The Curriculum Committee
    • Initiates all changes in degree programs, the addition of degree programs, the addition or deletion of courses and the restructuring of courses within the Division; it also makes suggestions for modification of academic rules which affect the entire University.
  • The Graduate Committee
    • Monitors policies and procedures related to graduate admissions and program requirements.
  • The Library Committee
    • Reviews and follows through on all requests for library acquisitions from faculty and students of the Division.
  • The Personnel/Policy Advisory Committee
    • Screens, interviews and recommends applicants for vacant faculty positions in the Division and reviews and oversees Division policies and procedures.
  • The Publications Committee
    • Sponsors Confidante, the student literary journal; plans the visits of guests writers to campus; supervises the annual literary contests, and edits and publishes Tapestry, the Division faculty journal.
  • The Scholarship Committee
  • The Sophomore Literature Committee
    • Responsible for the development of curriculum changes in general education literature courses, the adoption of texts for these courses, and the implied task of preserving, defending and advancing the causes of literary works of acknowledged excellence.
  • The Student Advisement Committee
    • Searches for ways to improve the quality of imformation which students in the Division receive about their degree programs, courses, career plans and other academic pursuits.
  • The Student/Faculty Organizations Committee
    • Helps coordinate the activities of all Division student organizations, helps plan faculty travel to professional meetings and arranges Division social activities.


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