Alumni Speak
Before you decide to pursue a B.A. in Communication Studies and Theatre Arts, it might be important to hear how our former students rate the program:
Ebonee Johnikin (Graduated: May 2009):My educational experience at Delta State University in the Communication Studies and Theatre Arts program was descriptively phenomenal and astonishingly transformational. From interpersonal to group communication to performance and interpretation, Delta State’s Communication department challenged me to think independently and pushed me to unbelievable heights–leading me toward the beginning phases of intellectually maturity and growth. This program has created innumerable opportunities, such as paper presentations at the state level, a seamless entry into the graduate program at Liberty University, and a competitive graduate assistantship to teach speech communication at Liberty. Delta State’s Communication  Department truly provides an outstanding education, and I wouldn’t think about changing my learning experiences gained from this department–it was a remarkable journey." Ebonee is currently a corporate trainer for Sanderson Farms in Laurel, Mississippi.
Andrea Tatum (Graduated: May 2006): "When I first came to Delta State, there was not speech and theatre program offered, but to my surprise, it was started before my junior year. I was in the program the first two years that it became available to students, and it was nothing less than impressive. The classes and teachers taught me everything I needed to know for the real world. They taught me to be a better writer and speaker, which helped me get a great job when I graduated from college. Having a degree in this field is great because there are an extensive range of jobs for those with a speech background. Most employers look to hire someone with good communication skills, and majoring in speech and theatre at Delta State will help any graduate become successful in this area. The program is growing into something spectacular at Delta State, and I see it becoming even more remarkable each year."  Andrea is currently employed as writer and editor of at Varsity Brands, Inc., in Memphis, Tennessee.
Nicholas Thompson (Graduated: May 2001): "I regularly interact with people from all around the world. The skills that I gained through the Speech Communication and Theatre Arts program at Delta State have equipped me with the tools that I need to be an effective communicator in our global society."  Nicolas is currently working as a Research Consultant for a firm in Washington D.C.
Josh West (Graduated: May 2005): "Moving into a graduate program at a major research university has been very demanding. The Communication and Theatre major at Delta State prepared [me]for the challenge. The transition to graduate school has been seamless because of the hands on instruction I received at the undergraduate level."  Josh recently graduated with a Masters degree in Public Policy from Mississippi State University.

Kendra T. Williams (Graduated: December 2004): "My involvement with the Communication and Theatre Department has provided me with a fresh new perspective of the world. Learning about the origin of communication, its various components and its function in everyday life has significantly enhanced my personal skills. I feel fully equipped to relate to others and convey ideas successfully regardless of setting or subject matter. Through this area of study, I have gained a new appreciation for the process of communication and the critical part it plays in nearly every aspect of our lives."  Kendra is currently the Executive Assistant of the Agape Storge Christian Center in Greenville, Mississippi.

Tarishan Winder (Graduated: May 2006): "The Communication and Theatre program at DSU offers exceptional professors, applicable course resources, and responsive classroom environments. The Program prepares students for entry into careers where effective communication skills are imperative. I’ve been able to use the knowledge acquired from my speech communication education in my other classes, work environment, and ministry. I’m certain that the skills I’ve attained through this program will continue to profit me throughout my academic and professional career."  Tarishan is currently working as a public relation specialist at Genesis Hospice in Greenville, Mississippi.



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