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Gender Studies Group


The Gender Studies Group (GSG) convened in August 2007. The GSG operates on the premise that an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, students and community members with diverse experiences and qualifications can make a difference at DSU and in the Mississippi Delta by dissecting and understanding gender issues.

What we do…

In general, the group collects and analyzes data to explain current social, political, and economic problems faced by men and women. The group disseminates information, generates awareness, facilitates community engagement, and aims to influence public policy. One of the group’s primary strategies is conducting action research that uncovers policies to create greater opportunities for women in particular and men in general.  Thus, the GSG brings attention and awareness to gender issues at DSU, the Mississippi Delta, nationally, and globally.



Photograph of Georgene Clark (Chair of the Diversity Advisory Committee), Dorothy Shawhan (Brown Bag presenter and Chair Emerita of the Div. Of Lang. and Lit.), and Paulette Meikle (Chair of the Gender Studies Group)






Left to Right: Georgene Clark (Chair of the Diversity Advisory Committee), Dorothy Shawhan (Chair Emerita of the Division of Languages and Literature), and Paulette Meikle (Chair of the Division of Social Science and History)


Who we are…

Dr. Karen Bell

Dr. Ann Brown (Facebook Master)

Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart

Dr. Leslie Green-Pimentel (chair)

Jesse Kelley

Mr. Shannon Lamb

Dr. Hui Liew

Dr. Paulette Meikle

Dr. Beverly Moon

Lekeitha Morris

Jessica Pace

Michael Paulmeno(Marketing Director)

Dr. Sally Paulson

James Peavy

Jack Phillips

Glendscene Williams

Sally Zengaro

In Memorium:

Ms. Judith Winford


The group has several independent members who make vital contributions to the foundational work of the group.















Special GSG Events


November 6, 2014: “Domestic Violence Awareness Panel Discussion” — Dr. Ann Brown-Wright, Dr. Patricia Davenport, and Minister Joe McCall

November 14, 2014: “Key Themes in Community Development and Gender Studies: A Critical Review and Call for Action” — Dr. John J. Green

Support Group

Women Rising, for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Meets the first and third Thursdays of the month, 6 p.m., 2nd floor in the Student Union. For more information contact ckirk88@ymail.com.

GSG Brown Bag Series

The GSG sponsors a regular series of Friday Noon-time Brown Bag lectures.  Presenters and participants usually consist of students, staff, and faculty members from across the DSU campus and the wider Cleveland community.  These talks cover a variety of topics dealing with an equally varied group of gender-related issues.

Below is a list of the past presenters and their presentation topics.


October 31st, 2014: “Introduction to Domestic Violence” — Dr. Ann Wright

April 5, 2013: The Personhood ‘Debate’: What Does it Mean to be a Person?” –– Dr. Sally Paulson, Ms. Arlene Sanders, Ms. Yvonne Tomek, & Dr. James Tomek

March 22, 2013: Helen Petrovna Blavatsky: Madame of the Esoteric Tradition” –– Dr. Clint Tibbs

March 6, 2013: Half the Sky showing and Advocates for Freedom guest speaker on Human Trafficking, (co-sponsored with the Honors Program & Year of Service Committee), 6:30 p.m., BPAC Recital Hall.

February 20, 2013:  Presentation of the film, The Help, and panel discussion (co-sponsored with the DSU Diversity Committee), 6:30 p.m., BPAC Recital Hall.

February 22, 2013: Gender in Conflict Zones–– Mr. Shannon Lamb

April 27, 2012: “With language comes power: women finding their voices — from Columbia, New York to Afghanistan” –– Dr. Leslie Fadiga-Stewart & Dr. Sally Paulson

March 23, 2012: “I’m Black, She’s White…..Can We Still be Friends?” –– Ms. Teresa Houston & Ms. Arlene Sanders

February 24, 2012: “Selections from Kathleen Ragan’s Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World” –– Performed by faculty/student troupe: Jacqueline Kelly, J. R. Norris, Dr. Sally Paulson, and Antonette Savage

February 3, 2012: “Personal Experiences of Gender Bending in the Countertenor Repertoire” –– Dr. Chad Payton

January 20, 2012: “Religious Formation and Myth Making: A Post-Feminist Study of Margaret Fell and the Early Quakers” –– Dr. Marjon Ames

December 2, 2011: “Gender Issues in Turkey” –– Dr. Gokhan Karahan

November 11, 2011: “If I Leave, He’ll Take It Out On The Dog: Why Domestic Abuse Victims Won’t Abandon Their Animals” –– Dr. Karen Bell

October 28, 2011: “But You’re a Guy Too!!!: Issues of Gender and Sexuality Stereotyping in the World of Male Belly Dancers” –– Dr. Teri Herron

October 7, 2011: “The Effectiveness of a Caregiver Training Program” –– Dr. Lekeitha R. Morris

September 9, 2011: “Do Good Marriages Lead to the Desistence of Substance Abuse among Females? Testing Informal Social Control Theory among Female Substance Abusers” –– Dr. Christopher Bounds.

April 15, 2011: “A History of Women Philosophers: A Justification for Teaching Such a Course in the College Classroom.” –– Dr. Clint Tibbs

April 1, 2011: “But You’re a Guy!!: Issues of Gender and Sexuality Stereotyping in the World of Male Hula Dancers” –– Dr. Teri Herron

March 4, 2011: In collaboration with the Diversity Advisory Committee to celebrate Diversity Week, “Lucy Somerville Howorth:  New Deal Politician, Lawyer, and Feminist from the South.”–– Dr. Dorothy Shawhan

February 25, 2011: “Gender Roles in the Hindu Holy City, Varanasi, India” –– Mr. Joshua Warren.





Facebook Group

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