Morris Scholarship

A limited number of scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students currently enrolled in the Delta Music Institute program who audition and participate in one of the DMI performing ensembles. In September of each academic year, available scholarships will be awarded in increments of $500 each (paid over two semesters) and an additional $1000 scholarship (paid over two semesters) will be awarded to the “Morris Scholar.”
Each student can only receive one of the DMI scholarships ($500) annually. Students can be named the “Morris Scholar” ($1000) only once.
 A student is eligible for the DMI scholarship ($500) annually, following reapplication and the required audition process, if the student remains in good academic standing with the University. There is no guarantee, however, that these scholarships will be funded or awarded each year.
The Delta Music Institute Scholarship Selection Committee will select the recipient(s).
DMI scholarship recipients must have earned a minimum semester GPA of 2.0 each semester they are receiving the scholarship. In the event that a recipient’s semester GPA is less than 2.0, the scholarship will be revoked for that semester and the former scholarship recipient will be responsible for any and all fees incurred as a result of the revocation. The Morris Scholar must have earned a minimum semester GPA of 2.5.
Deadline for DMI scholarship application is September 1.  For further information, contact Barry Bays, Director of DMI Ensembles, at