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Application for Admission

DMI SUMMER CAMP DATES: July 13-19, 2014

For additional details about the camp, please click here.


Application Instructions:
All participants must send a current photo.
Check all deadlines. Please type or print legibly. Complete form and include audition materials (refer to camp brochure). Enclose refundable application fee of $100. Check or money orders should be made out to Delta Music Institute.



Please complete this form and return to: DMI Summer Camp:


DSU Box 3114
1003 W. Sunflower Road
Cleveland, MS 38733


I wish to apply for (Check One Only): 


Audio Engineering  Songwriting (singer/songwriter)


Instrumental Performance (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards)





Mailing Address:

Phone #:

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Grade Completed:


Requested Roommate:


Adult T-Shirt Size (Check One Only):


 S  M  L  XL  XXL


Parent/Guardian Info:


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 If accepted to the 2014 DMI Summer Camp, I agree to abide by the Institution’s regulations and to cooperate with the Administration on furthering the Institute’s ideals.


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