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DMI Student Engineer Study Guides

As students progress through the concentration of audio engineering technology (AET) courses in teh BSMIS degree, there are opportunities to gain hands-on experience within a wide range of recording sessions booked in the DMI studios, many with compensation based on the successful completion of applied tests.

There are three levels of DMI student engineers, as follows:

Studio Assistant
Assistant Engineer
Journeyman Engineer

To reach each of these levels, a written and applied test must be taken and a designated level of achievement reached before being given the opportunity to work as a student engineer or studio assistant in the DMI studios. Study guides and class requirements for each of the three levels are in the pdf files below. Testing will be done on a regular basis on Thursday evenings and/or Friday mornings. For specific scheduling of tests, please contact Miles Fulwider at (662) 846-4579 or milesf@me.com.


Studio Assistant PDF

Assistant Engineer PDF

Journeyman Engineer PDF