Entertainment Industry Studies Degree Program

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Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment Industry Studies (BS-EIS)

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Entertainment Industry Studies:  The entertainment industry studies program at the DMI is intended to develop a broad range of skills in audio engineering technology and entertainment industry entrepreneurship that will give students a foundational base of knowledge for working in various entertainment industry careers.  While students are not expected to enter the program with a background in music, they do learn to appreciate, play, and read music in an encouraging environment.

The Entertainment Industry Studies degree (BS-EIS) at the DMI at Delta State University includes a core of required entertainment industy studies courses, along with two areas of concentration: Audio Engineering Technology and Entertainment Industry Entrepreneurship.  As the name implies, the Audio Engineering Technology track is focused on recording arts and live sound reinforcement.  The Entertainment Industry Entrepreneurship track is designed for students focusing on the creative and business side of the entertainment industry in areas such as songwriting, concert promotion, record production, and music publishing. Students must declare a concentration by their third semester in the program.

Entertainment Industry – The Complete Picture

The entertainment industry is conservatively estimated to be a $25 billion business. The industry encompasses a variety of professional areas including recording arts, audio technology, arts management, promotions, and marketing. Entertainment Industry Studies at the DMI addresses each of these areas, encourages exploration and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.  View this report for information salaries in the music industry.

Low student-to-instructor ratio, an entrepreneurial philosphy, practicing entertainment professionals on faculty, and unique facilties are some of the unique benefits of the entertainment industry studies program at the Delta Music institute. DSU’s small college environment gives students ample opportunities for hands-on studio and live event work as well as opportunities to work in various roles with real clients in real-world situations.

What Will I Study?

Our curriculum includes courses in songwriting, audio engineering, record production, indie music entrepreneurship, concert promotion, and music copyrights and contracts. BS-EIS students are required to complete a comprehensive senior project related to either the audio engineering technology or entertainment industry entrepreneurship concentration. Students are also required to participate in either a record label practicum (Fighting Okra Records) or a live event practicum.

The  content of entertainment industry studies program in the DMI is designed to be interactive and entrepreneurial in the areas of  technology, business, and creativity.  We believe our graduates need to be well versed in each of these areas because most employment opportunities in the music and entertarinment industry involve crossover and multitasking in several areas.

Delta State students interested in the entertainment industry, are encouraged to join GRAMMY U, a unique and fast-growing community of full-time college students, primarily between the ages of 17 and 25, who are pursuing a career in the recording industry. GRAMMY U helps prepare college students for their careers in the music industry through networking, educational programs and performance opportunities. GRAMMY U is designed to enhance students’ current academic curriculum with access to recording industry professionals to give an “out of classroom” perspective on the recording industry.

The BS-EIS degree has the following goals:

  • To provide a personalized, career-oriented and practical education that emphasizes leadership, innovation, private enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • To equip students with tools to think critically, communicate effectively, accept responsibility, make successful decisions, and prosper in diverse work environments
  • To emphasize quality classroom instruction

For further information about the Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Industry Studies degree program, please click here to go to the DSU 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog and view pages 160-163 for description of the program and the course listings; then go to pages 71-72 for the general education requirements for every degree.

Upon registration, students in the BS-EIS degree program will be assigned a DMI faculty advisor to assist in planning a curriculum path.