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Department of Biological Sciences
Baccalaureate Degree programs

The Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. Students pursuing these degrees may select from several concentrations described below.

In addition to its four-year degree programs, the Department also offers preparation for various health related professional programs offered at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and elsewhere including medicine, dentistry, clinical laboratory sciences, cytotechnology, dental hygiene, health informatics and information management, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, radiologic sciences, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine. Most of these professional programs require a minimum of two years of college level courses as prerequisites; some require the completion of a baccalaureate degree as well. The Department provides curricula which satisfy the entry requirements for these programs.

More information on pre-health programs…

The Department assigns faculty to advise students in the program of their choice. Each student is assigned a personal advisor who is familiar with the particular program that the student chooses. Advisors help students plan their schedule of classes, help them keep up with requirements of various curricula, help them with applications to graduate or professional schools, and assist them with career planning. Students interested in any degree or pre-professional program are urged to consult frequently with their assigned academic advisor.

Majors and concentrations offered

Click a program title to download its curriculum summary as a PDF document. To view and print the document, you need Adobe Reader or another application that can display portable document format (PDF) flies. Adobe Reader is available as a free download from Adobe Systems.

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