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The Elliott Program of Excellence

Robert Elliott
Dr. Robert Elliott

“…to help…to be involved…to give something back…” These are words that describe a program created in 1992 at Delta State University by Drs. Robert and Mary Elliott of The Elliott-Elliott-Head Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Graduates of Delta State, the Elliott’s have developed a “Program of Excellence” for undergraduate students at their alma mater. The program comprises three components enabling students, faculty, and research scientists to come together to explore advances in the sciences: the annual Elliott-Nowell-White Science Symposium, a research fellowship program, and a scholarship program.

The Elliott-Nowell-White Science Symposium

The symposium was established to introduce the Delta State community to outstanding scientists whose careers in research serve as models for students majoring in the sciences, or as Dr. Elliott says: “to light a fire in today’s students in the same manner a fire was lit in me by those who influences my life when I was a student at Delta State.”

Past symposium speakers include: Dr. Arthur Guyton, a Mississippian who many consider the foremost medical physiologist of the late twentieth century; Dr. Harold J. Isard, who is credited with saving the lives of so many women through his invention of a low-dose mammographic technique; Dr. Henry Laws, a pioneer in the field of laparoscopic surgery; Dr. James D. Hardy, who is recognized for his pioneering role in transplantation surgery; and Dr. Gertrude Elion, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her work the use of metabolic inhibitors for treatment of various diseases. The symposium schedule also includes presentations given by Delta State students who have participated in research experiences at the Elliotts’ research center.

Research Fellowship Program

Each summer, Delta State students are given the opportunity to participate in cancer studies at the Mastology Research Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The ten-week fellowship gives students first-hand experience working in a laboratory dedicated to the detection and treatment of breast cancer. Students draw on the skills they have learned in DSU undergraduate classes and laboratories and also learn new state-of-the-art techniques. Students can publish their work in medical journals in collaboration with the Elliotts and other members of the Center’s research team.

Although learning is the primary goal, Dr. Elliott adds: “I think the internship program is a great way for me and the members of my staff to receive some personal stimulation from young students coming to our facility, and I believe the experience is a tremendous asset for Delta State University and its students.”

Research fellows work closely with Dr. Jonathan F. Head, Director of Research at the Center. Dr. Head has been instrumental developing several of the Center’s chemotherapy and immunotherapy programs.

This unique opportunity is offered exclusively at Delta State and will continue to be a stepping stone for its students. It has stimulated some students to pursue careers in medicine. Former Elliott research fellows have gone on to study at medical schools across the country.

Applications for the Elliott Fellowship Program accepted during the spring semester of most academic years and are available in the Division Office (Walters Hall 150).

Elliott Scholars Program

The third facet of the Program of Excellence is a scholarship program in the Division of Biological and Physical Sciences. Outstanding Delta State science students can compete for this prestigious award. Each recipient is designated as an “Elliott Scholar.” Elliott Scholars are selected by the Elliott Committee, which includes members of the Delta State science faculty. Applicants are selected based on their personal commitment to excellence in their chosen major, demonstrated motivation to learn, and dedication to their future careers.

Applications for the Elliott Scholarship are made available each spring semester and are available in the Division Office (Walters Hall 180).

Elliott Center

For more information on the Elliott Program, contact:

Dr. Barry Campbell
Division of Biological and Physical Sciences

Delta State University

Cleveland, MS 38733
Email: bcampbel@deltastate.edu

For more information about the Elliott-Elliott-Head Breast Cancer and Treatment Center, visit their web site at www.breastoncology.com

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