Request for Reinstatement

If you are on Academic Probation and wish to be readmitted please fill out the Request for Reinstatement. Make sure you include a justification as to why you should be allowed to return to classes. What, for example, will you do differently to assure that you will meet course and program requirements and be successful?

Modify Degree Request

If you request a degree change please fill out the Modify Degree Request. Make sure you include an explanation or justification as to why your request should be considered and honored.

Drop Courses

Print the Drop Courses form, fill in the relevant information and then ask the course instructor to sign, choose W or F, date and add the last date attended. If any information is missing I will not sign the form.

Add Courses

Print the Add Courses form, fill in the relevant information before asking the course instructor to sign the form.

Apply for Graduation

Please follow the link to apply for graduation. Apply for Graduation.