BIS Core Courses

Course Rotation

Course Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
BIS 300 Offered Offered Offered if 10 or more students are registered Not offered
BIS 310 Offered Offered Not offered Offered if 10 or more students are registered
BIS 400 Offered Offered Not offered Not offered
BIS 410 Offered Offered Not offered Not offered


Currently all BIS core courses are offered as hybrid courses which require on-campus attendance.

Course Descriptions

BIS 300. INTRODUCTION TO INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES. Introduction to the concepts and methods of interdisciplinary study by critically examining anticipated workplace and civic trends. The course focuses on ethics and effective decision-making in contemporary society. Emphasis is placed on development of critical and analytical thinking skills, and written and oral communication. Key ethical questions will be addressed from a variety of perspectives both past and present as a basis for informed decision-making. 3

Sample syllabus

BIS 310. INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS. Critical analysis of quantitative and qualitative information. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and using methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis, including issues such as understanding variability in data and making decisions in the face of uncertainty. Multiple methods of presenting findings of such research to support an argument are also explored. Prerequisites: BIS 300 or permission of the instructor. 3

Sample syllabus

BIS 400. APPLIED INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES. Applications of interdisciplinary thought and research. Students will use concepts and methods learned in previous BIS courses to explore issues in their chosen areas of emphasis. May involve individual or group projects combining concentrations. Over the course of the semester, students will develop a proposal for their Capstone Projects. Prerequisites: BIS 300, 310. 3

Sample syllabus

BIS 410. CAPSTONE PROJECT. Integration of classroom and experiential learning. The culminating academic activity of the BSIS program, the Capstone Project requires students to apply interdisciplinary concepts and practices to one or more of their chosen areas of emphasis. Students must successfully complete BIS 400 with an approved proposal and a grade of C or better before registering for the Capstone Project. Prerequisite: BIS 400. 3

 Sample syllabus

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