What does the DMI Mobile Music Lab do?

The DMI Mobile Music Lab is a 26’ customized bus with a production room that includes multiple workstations featuring professional audio and video software installed on Apple computers. It serves as a creative hub for producing audio recordings in support of the Healing With A Groove program.

What is an HWG Partner Site?

An HWG Partner Site is an in-school or after-school program that has applied and been approved to partner with the Healing With A Groove program in their local community.

How much does it cost for my school or organization to become a partner with the Healing With A Groove (HWG) program?

For selected in-school or after-school programming partners within Bolivar, Sunflower, Leflore, Coahoma, and Washington counties, there is currently no charge to participate in the Healing With A Groove (HWG) program.

Can any student participate in Healing With A Groove?

Healing With A Groove is designed to serve male and female students in grades 7th-12th in area schools or after-school programs.

How many weeks does the Healing With A Groove program last?

Once a group is established, a schedule is set, and students meet once a week over 10-12 weeks during an academic semester, covering six distinct learning modules.

How many students can be on the bus at one time?

The bus is a 26′ long. We’re pretty full with 8-9 small students or 5-6 large students and 2-3 DMI staffers. We try and keep a 4 to 1 student/instructor ratio when we can. The ideal size for an HWG group is 8-10 students.

Does someone from my school or organization need to be on the bus during a tour or program?

Yes, a representative/resource from your school or organization is required to be on site and available when an HWG group is in session or the bus is scheduled on site.

What if I just want to book the bus for a tour?

Tours of the DMI Mobile Lab are available as schedule permits and must be arranged a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. For a ‘one-off’ visit by DMI Mobile Music Lab, costs are variable, depending on mileage and staffing.

Thank you for your interest in the DMI Mobile Music Lab!