Delta Music Institute

About Delta Music Institute

The DMI is an independent center under the College of Arts & Sciences at Delta State. Our mission is to provide our students with a broad and thorough education in the technological, creative, and business areas of the entertainment industries. DMI began with a generous donation by Fred Carl of the Viking Range Corporation in 2003. The DMI offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Entertainment Industry Studies with concentrations in audio engineering technology, entertainment entrepreneurship, and multimedia technology. Our alumni will be well prepared for the technical, business, and legal issues that confront the practicing entertainment industry professional today and in the future.

The Whitfield Building on campus now houses world class recording facilities. Studio A, the larger of the two recording spaces, features an SSL Duality Delta console and has the space to record an orchestra, wind ensemble, or choir of up to 150 musicians. Studio B features an AVID S6 console and is a more contemporary space, able to record smaller ensembles of various styles and genres, while Studio C is a small project studio. These facilities offer students multiple opportunities to create, edit, and mix audio in the digital realm.

Students in the entertainment industry studies program will also be informed of and engaged with the rich musical heritage of Mississippi, prompting opportunities to draw on that history, combine it with their individual talents, and produce the next generation of Mississippi entertainment industry professionals and musicians.