Department of Chemistry & Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Delta State University.  Our mission is to provide high-quality instruction in both chemistry and physics with a strong experiential component. Our ongoing renovations include brand new laboratories for General, Organic, Analytical, and Bio-Chemistry, and we anticipate that our new P-Chem and Physics labs along with the newly renovated Wiley Planetarium will be available in early 2016.

We offer a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with several different tracks: an American Chemical Society Certified Program, a General Chemistry degree track, a Health Professions and Pre-medical Science track, and a Chemistry Education track.

The Masters of Science in Natural Science degree with a concentration in Chemistry offers an opportunity for studies beyond the Bachelor’s degree.

Our alumni are well positioned to take charge of their future in the pursuit of the profession of their choice.

Classrooms and laboratory facilities for the Department of Chemistry and Physics are housed in the Caylor-White-Walters facility at Delta State, and our faculty are in the Caylor 250 office suite.

Department Contact

Dr. Joe Bentley, Chair

p: 662-846-4390