Department of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Provisional Admission

Students entering Delta State University who declare a major offered through the Department of Biological Sciences are initially admitted with provisional status. Students who demonstrate satisfactory performance in their introductory science courses (as defined below) are granted full admission to the program. The intent of this policy is to insure that all students gain the basic knowledge and skills that are required for the level of scholarship expected from them in their advanced studies and in their future professions.

Full Admission

Full admission is granted upon satisfactory completion of the following introductory science courses:

BIO 100: Principles of Biology I
BIO 101: Principles of Biology II
CHE 101/103: General Chemistry I
CHE 102/104: General Chemistry II

Satisfactory completion is defined as having completed a course with a grade of C or better. Any grade below C must be removed by repeating the course and earning a C or better grade. Students should be aware that repeating courses may increase the time required for graduation.

When students fulfill these requirements, they are considered to be adequately prepared to continue with advanced courses and are granted full admission to the program. A student who has not been granted full admission will not be permitted to register for any upper division course in their major. Upper division courses are numbered 200 and above.

At the close of each semester, academic records are reviewed, and students are notified when they achieve full admission status. Students may check their status at any time by contacting their advisors or the division office.

Requirements for full admission also apply to students who transfer credit from other institutions. Courses equivalent to the introductory courses listed above must have been completed with grades of C or better to be accepted for transfer credit. Verification of transcripts should be completed prior to the start of the first semester of enrollment. Upon enrolling for the first semester, a transfer student whose transcript has not been verified will be given provisional status. When it has been verified that students have fulfilled the requirements, they will be granted full admission status. Enrollment in upper division courses will not be permitted until full admission status has been granted.

Requirements for Graduation

In addition to the graduation requirements stated in the University Bulletin, the Division requires satisfactory academic performance in all major courses. Specifically, this means that no grade below C in a required major course may be applied toward graduation.

Failure to maintain satisfactory academic standing

A student with full admission status who fails to maintain good academic standing will be placed on division academic probation. When students first receive a grade below C in an upper division major course, they will be warned that they are in danger of being placed on probation, and that the problem course or courses must be retaken. A student who fails to improve such grades to C or better within two semesters will be placed on probationary status and will not be permitted to advance in biology coursework until such time that all probationary problems have been corrected.