Department of Biological Sciences

University Scholarships

Delta State University offers several types of scholarships as a way to recognize students who have achieved academic excellence. We offer a variety of competitive scholarships including: ACT, National Merit finalist and semi-finalist, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Phi Theta Kappa, and privately funded awards. Students of all majors are eligible for these university scholarships. More information and application forms are available from the Office of Admissions.

Scholarships for Science Majors

In addition to general university scholarships, a number of scholarships are offered specifically to students who are pursuing a degree offered through the Department of Biological Sciences or Department of Physical Sciences. Departmental scholarships are designated for science majors, and some have specific additional requirements. For example, some are only for specific majors or pre-health professions students. These requirements are explained below. Most of these scholarships are offered every year, but some are not. The dollar value is each award also varies somewhat from year to year.

To apply for any Departmental scholarship, download and print the scholarship application form, complete it, and return it to The Department of Biological Sciences or Department of Physical Sciences, Box 3262, Delta State University, Cleveland, MS 38733. In general, you need only submit one application to be considered for any scholarship that you may be eligible for, however special application procedures may apply to some scholarships. Applications must be submitted by the designated deadline (usually in March) to be considered for the upcoming fall semester. Contact the Department office to learn the current application deadline and for any additional information.

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Funds for science scholarships are provided by the generosity of former DSU science graduates, faculty, and other friends of the Delta State sciences. Once awarded, students will continue to receive the scholarship in subsequent years, as long as they continue to maintain the specified qualifications. Award amounts may vary slightly from year to year.

  • Ben Branch Memorial Chemistry Scholarship

  • Mary Camille Carunchio Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 2014 in memory of Mary Camille Carunchio by her husband Donald J. Carunchio. Ms. Carunchio graduated with a BS in Biology from Delta State University in 1968. She went on to graduate from the St. Joseph School of Medical Technology in Memphis, TN in 1969. She passed away in 2014. The scholarship is awarded to a current upper-level biology student.
  • Richard Lee Caylor Science Award

    • Established in memory of the late Richard Lee Caylor, Ph.D., Head of the Division of Science, Delta State College. This is a cash award given to a student who has shown a sincere interest in the biological interfaces involving biochemistry and physics.
  • The Chemistry Award

    • A Handbook of Chemistry and Physics presented to the outstanding student in a General Chemistry course, award donated by the Chemical Rubber Publishing Company.
  • Melvin F. Cohen Memorial Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 1988 as a memorial tribute to Melvin F. Cohen, a 1950 graduate of Delta State University. This scholarship endowment was established by his sister, Louise Cohen Chiz of Shaw, Mississippi, and her three children. It is awarded to outstanding biology majors.
  • District II Dental Society Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established by the District II Dental Society of Mississippi. It is awarded to a senior pre-dental student who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship and is a resident of Mississippi. Preference is given to candidates who reside in District II.
  • Robert L. Elliott, M.D. and Mary C. Elliott, M.D. Scholarship

    • Established by Dr. Robert L. Elliott and Dr. Mary C. Elliott in 1992. The scholarship is awarded outstanding full time students, currently enrolled at Delta State University, majoring in biology or physical science, and must be of good character. Recipients are known as Elliott Scholars.
  • Carla D. Evans Memorial Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 2013 in memory of Carla D. Evans. It is awarded to a current pre-pharmacy student in the latter stage of the pre-pharmacy program who has demonstrated high academic achievement and has demonstrated a strong interest in attending pharmacy school.
  • Ferretti-Karnstedt Premedical Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. John Feretti. The recipient will be a full-time pre-medical science major who displays excellent academic potential.
  • Joe Greever Organic Chemistry Award

  • Dr. R.T. and Kathryn M. Hollingsworth Scholarship

    • This scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior pre-medical student enrolled at Delta State University. The recipient will be selected based on the academic excellence. Preference is given to students who reside in the North Bolivar County School District.
  • Melbourne Miller Memorial Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 1998 in memory of Melbourne Miller, a former professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. The recipient will be a full-time sophomore biology education major in good academic standing.
  • Johnny Drew Ouzts Memorial Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in memory of the former professor and chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and Delta State alumnus. Awarded to biology or environmental science majors who demonstrate excellence in scholarship and character, with a sincere interest in agricultural applications of biology.
  • I. Dean Spradling Science Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 2001 by I. Dean Spradling, a science alumnus of Delta State. This renewable scholarship is funded through the Endowment for the Sciences which was established through Mr. Spradling’s initiative. The recipient must be a natural science major and is selected based on need, initiative, character, and scholarship.
  • Grep Tharp Pre-Dental Scholarship

  • W. Wayne Walley Premedical Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 2001 in recognition of Dr. Walley’s 20 years of service as Pre-health Advisor, Professor, and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. The recipient will be a full-time premedical biology major, will display good character, and will project excellent academic potential. This scholarship is supported by an endowment initiated by departmental alumni who completed medical degrees at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
  • Jesse White Science Scholarship

    • This scholarship was established in 1979 by alumni and friends in honor of Dr. Jesse White who served on the Delta State faculty as Professor of Biology. The award is available as an annual scholarship or stipend for advanced study. The recipient is to be a current DSU science major and is selected on the basis of scholarship, character, and need.

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External Scholarships

Several scientific organizations and other groups offer scholarships for science students. We will post information on these here as we learn about them. For more information about these, check with your academic advisor or ask in the Department office.