Dual Enrollment


  1. Submit the course name, name of the instructor teaching the course, number of sections, the anticipated enrollment per section (not just total enrollment), and the start and end date for all courses.
  2. Ensure that DSU Division /Department Chairs receive official transcripts and curriculum vitae for all new teacher(s) participating in the dual credit program in their specific content area. The credentialing procedure will follow the DSU Faculty Credentials Policy.
  3. Ensure teacher submits all necessary employment forms, including direct deposit and Mississippi withholding forms as required by the Offices of Academic Affairs and Human Resources.
  4. Certify students meet the minimum requirements to participate in the dual credit program. (See section III. b and c)
  5. Submit all required forms (section III. a.) and fees on behalf of the student prior to the enrollment deadline: application for admission, application fee, high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores, recommendation from school official, approval from parent or guardian, and tuition and fees.
  6. High School Guidance Counselor shall provide academic advisement to students prior to signing the student’s recommendation form to participate in the Dual Credit program to ensure the course is appropriate for their intended major in college. Counselors shall use the Mississippi Articulation and Transfer Tool (MATT) provided by the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) and Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB).
  7. Require teacher to attend essential workshops and/or trainings offered by
  8. Submit attendance, mid-term, and final grades through DSU Online
  9. Ensure students list DSU as a recipient of official test scores when completing the ACT or SAT registration
  10. Submit Withdrawal Forms by the posted deadline on the DSU academic calendar for each student withdrawing from a course/s.
  11. Follow applicable guidelines and requirements contained in the current version of the Procedures Manual for the State of Mississippi Dual Enrollment Accelerated Programs.
  12. Follow other guidelines and requirements contained in the DSU Dual Credit Handbook.