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S.O.S. Early Alert

The mission of Stay Okra Strong (S.O.S.) is to facilitate the alignment between each student’s needs and the institutional resources available to foster the growth and development of essential skills necessary for a successful college experience and timely degree completion.

S.O.S. takes a proactive approach to connect university resources with the individual needs of students faced with academic and institutional obstacles throughout the progression of their educational pathway. The goal of S.O.S. is to work collaboratively with campus faculty and staff to ensure student academic success. Once an S.O.S. alert is submitted, the Student Support Specialist is alerted and follows up with the S.O.S. sender.

Faculty, staff, and students may refer a student by completing the form below. To help the S.O.S. process to be as effective as possible, please include full student information, the course for which the student is being referred, a brief description of the concern, and any correspondence made with the student to address the concern. In addition, please expect ongoing communication with the S.O.S. team regarding updates and follow-up.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, or would like to complete a paper copy of the submission form, please contact Samone Holston at snholston@deltastate.edu or 662-846-4577.

If there is an issue regarding discipline, safety, or student health, please submit a C.A.R.T. Report using this form. In case of emergency, please contact Delta State University Campus Police at 662-846-4155.