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Okra Mail

When does my account get created?
Your email account is available for use one business day after your full admission to Delta State University.

What is my new okra mail student email address?
1. Login to myDSU Online Services. You will need your 900# and password.
2. Click on Personal Information.
3. Click on View Email Addresses.
4. Under the Email Address, view the address called User ID. This is your official university Okra Mail address and will be used for official communication. Your email address will be in this format: jdoe@okramail.deltastate.edu

How do I log in to my email account on Okra Mail?
1. Visit the Okra Mail site or myDSU to login.
2. Login with your student email address. Your initial password is your Social Security Number.
3. Click on Connect to access Okra Mail. (For security purposes, change your password after the first login to Okra Mail. In order to access any options on the Okra Mail site, you much allow pop-ups from your web browser on this site.)

How do I change my Okra Mail password?
1. After logging in the first time using your social security number, select Preferences from the left hand pane.
2. Choose the Change Password option.
3. Enter your old password, your new password, and confirm your new password. Your password must be between 3 and 30 characters in length.
4. Press Save when complete.

For detailed instructions on the use of Okra Mail, go to the Office of Institutional Technology.

View Your Grades

1. Go to myDSU Online Services.
2. Click LOGIN to access — User ID and 6-digit Password Required.
User ID is your Banner ID Number (If you use your social security number, you will have to sign in to student records again)
Your password is your Birth Date in the format mmddyy (041797)
3. Once you have access, click on Student Services and Financial Aid.
4. Click Student Records.
5. From there you may click to view Midterm Grades, Final Grades, Grade Detail, or Academic Transcript. You will be asked to select the term or transcript level for which you would like to view.