Dear Miss Virginia,

Guess by now the regular session has opened.  How many boys enrolled.  I am feeling pretty good today.  My transfer into Marine Aviation goes into effect either next week soon after the 20th.  I will be an aviation Corporal an will have the opportunity of becoming a pilot or an aerial gunner.  Although I would like to be a pilot I would like to be an aerial gunner.  It will take less time in which to train me thus shortening the time I will have to wait before being shipped overseas.  Hope to ship across soon.  Think it is pretty definite that I will too.  It has cooled off considerably here and the mosquitoes are not so bad.  This is a swell place but there is nowhere to go at night.  We’re 80 mi. from the nearest town.  This is where the Marines ship across from the East Coast.  Hope you have a good school year.  Drop me a line – Allen