Dear Miss Thompson:

As the above picture and inscription point out, I have intended to write before but I have been rather busy.  It isn’t as bad as the picture would point out for I have attained the rank of squad leader, on acting sergeant.  That is only a honorary rank for I have the title of Pvt.  It does keep me off KP and such special detail. 

The army isn’t half bad and for some strange reason I like it.  Of course I work, for that is the basic rule of the army; but show me where you don’t work besides DSTC.

Of all the things all of us miss, I suspose(sic) you knew that Lester, James Gardner and Mitchel Ford are here with me; is the carefree un-military manner of the campus.  Here it is yes, sir; or no,sir and no maybe or Hi or similar greeting.

I must beg pardon for any errors that might creep into the letter.  I left my glasses in the barracks and it is past lights out so I can’t go get them.

I saw Miss Mauldin’s brother the other day.  He said that he wanted us to look him up, but we are trying to get in some extra time so we are working Sundays and we haven’t had any time off.

My squad was picked as the best squad drill team in the Company, and the Company was the best in the Regiment so that makes us pretty good as some of the other companies have been here 10 weeks.  We won the honor Friday night at a Regimental Parade.  All in all there are about 64 squads.

I know that you are busy, but if you have time please write and tell me how things are coming along on the official side of life at DSTC.  Tell everyone hello for me please