Virginia Thompson Papers

Collection Number: M066

Inclusive Dates: July 24, 1941-Sept. 16, 1950

Bulk Dates: July 1941 – November 1946

Volume: 1.5 cu. ft.

Biographical Sketch:

Virginia Thompson was secretary to Delta State Teachers College President William Kethley. We are currently compiling more information about Ms. Thompson.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of written correspondence, newspapers, newspaper clippings, photographs, and a small number of miscellaneous items relating to the lives of the faculty, staff, and students of Delta State Teachers College. The items cover the time from July 24, 1941 to September 16, 1950.


I Written correspondence
II Photographs
III Newspapers and newspaper clippings

The first series, found in box 1, includes letters, post cards, and holiday greeting cards. The series primarily consists of personal letters between Virginia Thompson and those in the armed service who attended Delta State Teachers College. These letters contain facts concerning the war effort and daily life at home and abroad. This series also contains newspaper clippings concerning those involved in the war effort.

The second series, found in box 2, consists of photographs. These photographs include pictures of soldiers and their families. Some of these photographs contain written messages.

The third series, in box 3, is composed of newspapers and newspaper clippings, both original and photocopied. The newspapers include the Miss Delta and various military publications. These papers have detailed descriptions of the war effort. The clippings encompass reports of enlistment, lists of births and weddings, lists of those missing in action, obituaries, and stories of heroism.

Note: Unhighlighted names are other items including newspaper articles & can only be viewed in the Archives or by visiting


Box and Folder List:

Box 1

Folder 1

Iddo Ball

Lewis (?)

Carl Barbour

Charles Barbour

Earl Barbour

Charles Barber

 Bernice Barr

 Lewis Beasley

Clifton F. Bishop

 Dugas Shands

 Sara Lee Ball

 Warner Ballard

Ruth Barkley

 Frank Barnett

 S.L. Barnett

 W.D. Bennett Jr.

 Georgia Bizzell

 W.A. Barr


Folder 2

 Thomas A. Blaylock

E.N. Brock

 Carol Brumby

 Henry Ford

 Charles P. Miller

 William Russell Botkin

 Camille Brocato

 Harry Brooks

 Carroll Raybourne ball

 Elmer L. Bowdon

 Mr. Daughrity

 Folder 3

 W. A. Brougher

 Halton Brown

 Harry Pat Brooks

 Travis H. Boykin

 E.V. Brock

 Carol (?)

 Folder 4

 James Bryant

        Allen Buckley

 William E. Buckley, Jr.

 Lyle Bullard

 Mary Dell Burford

 A.E. Buckley

 Sammy Burton

 Folder 5

 Joseph Caccamisi

 Beth Campbell

 W.R. Carr

 Howard and Edna Carpenter

 Wren Cartledge

 Charles Castle

 William S. Castle

 Alice Causey

 Kent Champion

 Folder 6

 Alice Clay

John Clifton

  Folder 7

 Charlie Coffman

 Dorothy Cartright

 Jesse F. Cotton Jr.

 Folder 8

 Marietta Crear

 Susie and Eddie Crewe

 Hallie Crowson


 James Crutchfield

 Jesse C. Darby

 Richard Davis, Jr.

 Bess Davis

 Delta State Girls and Boys

 Folder 9

 Donald Springfield Deaderick

 Mattie Deaderick

 Nell Dean

 Carolyn DeLooch

 Jean Denman

 Phyllis Drott

 Read Dunn, Jr.

 Folder 10



 John Embry

 Geo F. Edwards

 Virginia Edwards

 Allen P. Eiland, Jr.

 Gladys Elmore

 Mary Royce Eckles

 Folder 11

 Calvin E. Flint, Jr.

 Mitchel Ford

 James Foster

 Mary Frances Ford

 Lester Fondren

 Georgia Figg

 Jerry and Haven Ferguson

 Edgar Famed

 John Embry

 Folder 12

 Mary Royce Eckles

 Buddy Furr

 Allie Conner Gaddies

 Thomas L. Gammill, Jr.

 Bessie Gammill

 James Gardner

 John Fraiser, Jr.

 Jesse N. Frederick

 Jack Frost

 James H. French

Folder 13

 Robert Garrard

Folder 14

Clay and William Gilliam

Clay Gilliam

Felix Eloi Girard III

Edward Glover

Sonny Gordon

Charles Granger

 Folder 15

 Doc Griffin

 Perry Griffin

 Mavis Griffin

 Robert Griffin

 Roy Griffin

 S.A. Green

 Folder 16

 Mary Margaret Hafter

 Claye and Trustin

 Agnes Hester

 Mrs. Harris Hester

 Elizabeth Hester Dean

 Clay Hicks

 Lavell Hinton

 Albert Hand

 Anna Laura Harrington

 Patsy Lee Hathorn

 Jane Hathom

 Gains B. Hawins

 Mary Haynes

 Robert Milton Hytken

 Folder 17

 Jean Jackson

 L.P. Ingram

 Brooke Kethley

 Elizabeth Kethley

 Grace Kelly

 Paul Kilcullen

 C.B. King

 Virginia King

 James Bryant

  Folder 18

 Robert Linnell

 A.E. Lorance

 Dick and Vic Lane

 Victoria Lane

 Jasper LaPresto

 Annie Faye Lee

 Lou A. Leigh

 Nancy Leigh

 Folder 19

 A.E. Lorance, Jr.

 Vivian Loggins

 Eola Lorance

 Folder 20

 L.D. McCoy, Jr.

 E.L. Lowe

 William T. Lusk

 Robert Lyles

 Minnie McCain

 Eldon McCarty

 Marguerite Olivia McCoy

 Lorenza D. McCoy

 Captain William McCain

 Folder 21

 William McDonald


 Eva & Slim McDaniel

  Lou McDonald

Claire McHardy

John Merrill, Jr.

James E. McKelvy

Folder 22

 James McKelvy

 Peggy McKee

 E.E. McKeithen, Jr

 Mariam Suzanne McLellan

 Burton McMillan

 Paul R. Magee

  Folder 23

 Terrell Melton

 Mac and Jan McLean

 William Metcalfe

 Bill Michie

 John Merrill, Jr

 James Henry Gardner

 McElrie Mitchell

 James Magers

 Carrie McNair

  Folder 24

 Doy D. Myers

 Paul Morehead

 James Norwood

 E. Ann Myers

 Elsie Nason

 Lois Murphree

 Eddie Mack Morgan

 Kelly Mitchim

  Folder 25

 Martha Nelson

 H.L. Nowell

 Folder 26

 Kitty Odom

 Nancy Odom

 Kathleen O’Fallon

 J.T. Owen

 Cecil Patterson

 A.C. Pearman, Jr.

 Folder 27

 A.C. Pearman, Jr.

 Folder 28

 Jane Pinnell

Unknown person

Geo Pease, Jr.

 Folder 29

 Cecil Pleasant

 Folder 30

 Floyd Poteete, Jr.

 Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Pryor

 Mrs. Lee Lon Pryor, Jr.

 Milton L. Raines

 Vergil Eugene Redd

 Folder 31

 Jim Richardson

 Arthur Richter, Jr.

 Troy Ricks

 Folder 32

 James T. Robinson

 Jimmie Robinson

 Nell Roberts

 B.S. Robertson

 Owen Robertson

 Thomas “Owen” Roberts

 Paul Robertson

 Paul R. MaGee

 Folder 33

 Murel G. Rodgers

 Harry Rowell

 Zulene Ryals

 Frances Ryals

 Folder 34

 Claude Satchfield

 Viola Sanders

 Robert Sanders

 S. Frances (?)

 Joe C. Saia

 Mrs. Charles Ervin

 Folder 35

Ben Moore Seelbinder

 Gwin Shelby

 Janie Shannon

 Dorothy Shands

 Charles Shumake

 Patricia Ann Shumake

 Josephine Shumake

 Walter Sillers

  Folder 36

 John D. Simmons III

 Robert Simpson

 Joe Lee Simpson

 Doris Sisson

 Brenda Sledge

 Folder 37

 B.F. Smith

 C.G. Smith

 Harley Smith

 James Winfred Smith

 Glen Smith

 Folder 38

 Hugh Smith

  Folder 39

 Lloyd Smith, Jr.

 Robert Smith

 Sara Smith-Vaniz

 Edwin Snyder

 Elizabeth Stamps

 Miriam Steen

 Ruth Steen

 Rupert Stribling

Mildred Stone

 G.L. Tatum

 Folder 40

 John W. Tarver

 The Taylor Boys

 Janie R. Taylor

 Robert Telfair

 Charles Thomas

 George Thomas

 Rowan Thomas

 The Tarver Family

 Folder 41

 Glen Thompson

 S.W. Thompson, Jr.

 Mrs. W.H. Tolbert

 William Allen Tornwall

 Mary Frances Turner

 Melvin Wagner

 Wesley M. Walker

 H.Q. Walker

 Folder 42

 Rufus Walt

 James A. Ward

 Virginia and Jim Ward

 Roy Ward

 Martha Ward

 W.C. Wells

 Jesse White

 Folder 43

  Velma & Cyril White

 Johnnie White

 Sylvia Wiggins

 James Wiggins

 Robert Wiggins

 Bruce Williams

 Emma Williams

 Catherine Williams

 Louise K. Wilde

 Folder 44

 Eulalia Wilson

 Katherine Wilson

 Herbert Wilson

 James W. Wilson

 Folder 45

 John C. Wilson

 Oscar O. Wolfe, Jr.

 Furney Wood

 Kathleen Wood

 Louise Woodward

 Chandler Worley

 Madie Worthington

 Folder 46

 Olyae Wynne

 James Young

 Folder 47

 Stuart B. Lytle


 Christmas Card from Unknown

 Jimmie and Kay


 L.C. Priestman

 James Twitty

 Box 2

 Folder 1

 Jesse Darby

 Henry K. Champion

 Thomas Gammell

  Folder 2

 Raymond Hester

 Robert Linnell

 Folder 3

Linwood Ingram

Edward Ingram

 Folder 4

 Claude Satchfield

 Folder 5 – Blank

 Folder 6

 James Wilson

 Folder 7

 Lorenza D. McCoy

 Dick Lane

 Carl Barnett

 Harris Hester, Jr.

 Georgia Bizzell

 Folder 8

 Arthur Pearman Jr.

 Folder 9

 Marietta Crear


 Box 3

 Folder Contents

 1 Nov. 14, 1943 newspaper articles
2 Sept. 6, 1945 newspaper articles
3 May 15, 1941-May 9, 1945 newspaper articles
4 Sept. 5, 1941-June 22, 1945 newspaper articles
5 Nov. 4, 1941- Dec. 30, 1945 newspaper articles