The Lucy Somerville Howorth Collection


Collection Title: The Lucy Somerville Howorth Collection

Collection Number: M103

Inclusive Dates: 1867-1999

Bulk Dates: Early 1940’s- Mid 1990’s

Volume: 12.75 cu. ft.

Biographical/ Historical Sketch:

Lucy Somerville Howorth was born on July 1, 1895 in Greenville, Mississippi. She was the daughter of Nellie Nugent Somerville, the first female to serve in the Mississippi Legislature. Lucy spent her life fighting for the civil rights of minorities and women. On August 18, 1920 her life was inspired. Lucy stood in a State house gallery in Nashville,Tennessee as the 19th amendment was ratified, giving women the right to vote.

Lucy had an extensive and active educational career. Lucy attended Randolph-Macon Women’s College, 1912-1916,and, along with becoming a member of Pi Gamma Mu and Phi Beta Kappa, earned an A.B. Lucy continued her education at Columbia as a graduate student in psychology and economics. From 1920-1922 she attended the University of Mississippi and graduated summa cum laude with a LL.B., being one of two women in her class. At the University of Mississippi she started a female basketball team, a writers group and a book review column.

After her graduation from the University of Mississippi, Lucy began practicing law in Cleveland. She then moved her law practice to Greenville where she met and married Joseph M. Howorth, a local lawyer. After five years of practicing law, she was appointed as a judge, and acquired the beloved name “Judge Lucy”. Lucy was admitted to Mississippi State and Federal courts, the U.S. Supreme Court and all of the courts in the District of Columbia.

Lucy was also very involved in politics. As a Democrat, she served Mississippians as a Hinds County Representative and as a member of the Mississippi State Legislature from 1932-1936. Appointed by President Roosevelt, Lucy servedon the Board of Veterans Appeals from July 1934 to April 1943. John F. Kennedy appointed her to his Commission on the Status of Women. Lucy also served on the War Claims Commission, 1949-1954, as associate general counsel, deputy general counsel, and general counsel.

Leaving government work in 1954, she moved back to Cleveland, Mississippi where she practiced law with her husband until about 1980. Lucy’s husband died in 1982 after 54 years of marriage. Lucy also spent her time co-editing her grandfather’s Civil War letters, which were published under the title, My Dear Nellie. Lucy died from heart failure in Cleveland, Mississippi on August 23, 1997, at the age of 102.

In her lifetime Lucy was an esteemed member of many organizations including the National Association of Women Lawyers, Phi Delta Delta, the Professional Women’s Club, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. She served as vice president of the American Association of University Women, and played a role in ending their segregational practices in the 1940’s. Lucy was member and chairman of the United Nations League of Lawyers, and she served as the chairman of the Cleveland Public Library Commission for ten years.

Lucy Somerville Howorth was an inspired Delta woman. She was very active in every aspect of her life. Lucy blazed trails for women and minorities in her academic career, in local and federal politics, and in many civic organizations. She was honored by many in her lifetime, and rightly so.

Scope and Content:

The collection is divided into seven series:
1) Publications
2) Personal
3) Professional
4) Memorabilia
5) Photographs and Artwork (Portraits)
6) Newspaper clippings
7) Scrapbooks

The first series consists of a wide range of professional and non-professional works. This series contains magazines, professional journals, yearbooks, and various other works of a personal and professional nature.Many of the publications deal with civil rights and women’s rights.

The second series houses a large number of personal correspondences. Items include bills, cards, letters of thanks and congratulations, and newspaper clippings sent through the mail. These items were mailed by friends, family, and acquaintances throughout Lucy Howorth’s life.

The following series contains various professional papers of Lucy Howorth. The papers include those dealing with the Howorths’ law practices and Lucy’s work in Washington D.C. Some of these items are restricted from viewing. Other professional items include speeches that Lucy Howorth composed and delivered.

Series four contains many certificates, awards and other items of memorabilia. The awards include certificates of achievement, diplomas, honor society membership certificates, plaques, and other items of recognition. This series also includes pins, ribbons, a picture in a frame, and a book entitled, The Complaint, by Edward Young, D.D.

The fifth series contains various photographs and artwork. The vast majority of the photographs are black and white military photographs; many are original prints from World War II. There are also photographs of family and friends. Two sketches depict Lucy and Joseph M. Howorth. The series also contains one small painting.

A wide array of newspaper clippings makes up the next series. The clippings deal with women’s rights, Lucy Howorth, and many other subjects. Many clippings contain interviews and photos of Lucy. Lucy is interviewed about various subjects including her mother Nellie Nugent Somerville. Some of the clippings detail Lucy’s life and her 100th birthday celebration. The clippings also house various obituaries eulogizing Lucy.

The final series contains one scrapbook owned by the Lucy and Joseph. This scrapbook contains photos of family and friends. Some photos are casual shots and some are taken of Joseph M. Howorth as he received an award. The majority of these photos are black and white.

Box and Folder List:

Series 1: Publications, Boxes 1 – 2

Box 1


1 Semi-Annual Reports 108 of the War Claims Commission (Sept. 13,1950-Sept. 13, 1953)
2 Public Law 896 and Related Laws (Sept. 16,1950-Sept. 17, 1953)
3 Three Volumes of American Association of University Women “Graduate Woman” (1987)
4 “Federal Bar Association News” and Directory (Aug. 1944)
5 Three Copies of “Woman Law Reporter” (1974)
6 Four Copies of the “United Nations League of Lawyers Review”(Feb. 51-Feb.52)
7 “The Inspection of Screw Gages for Munitions of War” (1917)
8 House Rules and Manuel 7th Congress (1927)

Three Taps of the Gavel: Pledge to the Future; The Chautauqua Story (1987)
“Choutauqua Network News” (1990)
“Choutauqua Network News” (1990)
“Ole Miss” (1897)
“Ms.” (March, 1984)
“Historic Preservation” (July-Sept. 1970)
“Progress and Prospects” (July 28-30,1965)
Report on Four Consultations: the President’s Commission on the Status of Women (1963)
Report of the Committee on Civil and Political Rights: The President’s
Commission on the Status of Women (1963)
Alumnae Bulletin (1939)
Mississippi Law Review (1923)
“The Phi Delta Delta” (1955)
“Music the Worlds Sustaining Commodity” (1939)
“From a One-Horse Surrey into the Atomic Age” by L. S. Howorth(1948)
Alabama College Bulletin (July 1951)
Mississippi Law Review (1922)
Mississippi Law Review (1923)
Women Lawyers Journal (1951)
Three Quarters of a Century at Martha Washington College (1928)
Report of the Task Force on Social Insurance and Taxes (1968)
Report on Progress in 1966 on the State of Women (1966)
Report on Progress in 1965 on the Status on Women (1965)
Report of the Committee on Social Insurance and Taxes: The President’s
Commission on the Status of Women (1963)
Report of the Committee on Protective Labor Legislation: The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (1963)
Report of the Committee on Education: The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (1963)
Report of the Committee on Federal Employment: The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (1963) Inside One Photocopied article (1963)
“Your Job Future After High School” (Undated)
Brown Folder including: “Carnegie Quarterly” (1974), Itinerary for the Second Berkshire
Conference on the History of Women (1974) Notepad, Itinerary for
Clarksdale Women’s Meeting (1974) Article Women Helping Women,
Photocopied Newspaper Article, Information on Piney Woods School

Box 2


1 War Claims Committee Regulations and Women’s Issues Material,(1951-1988), First Aid Pin

2 The Prince and the Prize (1981), Autobiography of Nolan B. Harmon (1983)
3 State of Mississippi Legislature Laws passed Jan 2-April 5, 1872
4-14 “YANK the Army Weekly” (1942-1943)
15 History of American Women by Schlesinger Library (1973)
16 Annual National University (1941)
17 The Century May (1886)
18 The Harvard Law Review (1928)

“The Phi Delta Delta” (1950)
Alabama College Bulletin (1951)
Alabama College Bulletin (1951)
Article form the Journal of Social Psychology (1950)
“The Legal Status of Women in America” (1938)
“Precedence or Spaceships” Article printed in a Phi Delta Delta Publication (Undated)
“The Sewanee Review” (1968)
Alumnae Bulletin (1940)
Alumnae Bulletin (1940)
Alumnae Bulletin (1943)
Alumnae Bulletin (1943)
Alumnae Day (Undated)
Aquatic Monthly (1873)
Federal Bar Association Journal (1940)
Federal Bar Association Journal (1937)
Federal Bar Association Journal (1939)
“Women in Germany” (1949)
Boxed copies of “Lest We Forget” by Nellie Nugent Somerville (Undated)
Journal of the AAUW (1950)
Women Lawyers Journal (1950)
“Schlesinger Library” (Undated)
“The Women’s Archives Radcliffe College” (Undated)
“Current Biography” (Oct. 1951)
Alumnae Bulletin (April 1952)


Series II: Personal, Boxes 3-5

Box 3


1 Marriage License (Feb. 21, 1928)
2 Correspondence (Feb. 18, 1931-July 14, 1939)
3 Invitations, Annual Report of the Committee on Publications, the Federal Bar Association, Correspondence, Request Order For a Photograph (Feb.1. 1940-Jan. 26, 1949)
4 Correspondence, Memorandum (Dec. 18, 1954-May 22, 1959)
5 Postcard (Jan. 25, 1963)
6 Correspondence, Funeral Account, Memo, Church Bulletins (Mar. 11, 1964-Oct. 14, 1969)
7 Correspondence, Photocopied Articles, Funeral Purchase Agreement (March 4, 1970- May 10, 1979)
8 Bills, Correspondence Dealing With Joe’s Death (June 2, 1980-July 23, 1980)
9 Correspondence Dealing With Husband’s Death, Medicare and Medicaid, and Estate (Aug. 4, 1980- Dec. 18, 1980)
10 Income Tax, Invitation to Miss. Hall of Fame Induction of Nellie Nugent Somerville, Correspondence, Bills, Receipts, List of Silver (Feb. 1981-May 6, 1983)
11 Correspondence, MSU Working Women’s Bulletin, Receipt, Sewanee Summer Concert music Bulletin (March 20, 1984-Sept. 29, 1986)
12 List of Monteagle Centennial Participants, Correspondence, Newsletter “Mountain Voices” Reference Page (May 14, 1986-April 16, 1986)
13 Correspondence, “Mountain Voices” (Aug. 3 1987-Dec. 10, 1987)
14 Correspondence (Dec. 23, 1987)
15 Correspondence, Bills and Receipts (Jan. 1988-Feb. 23, 1988)
16 Correspondence, Tax Info., Bills, Receipts (Mar. 15, 1988-June 6, 1988)
17 Correspondence, Photocopied Newspaper Clippings (June 6, 1988-Aug 12, 1988)
18 Correspondence, (Aug. 13, 1988- Oct. 12, 1988)
19 Correspondence, Investment Information (Oct. 13, 1988- Dec. 31, 1988)
20 Correspondence, (Jan. 16, 1989- June 27, 1989)
21 Correspondence, Photos James and Olga Somerville (Dec. 24,1933-May 17, 1977)
22 List of Memorials from Monteagle (Undated)
23 Desk Diary (1969) Guest Book (1952-1974)
24 Diary (July 1952) Address Book (1952)
25 Guest Book (Nov. 15, 1981-1996) Daily Desk Calendar (1983), Personal Directory (Undated)
26 Guest Book (1975-1988)

Box 4


1 Correspondence, Photocopied Articles (Jan. 29, 1991-Aug. 23, 1991)
2 Correspondence (March 2, 1992-Sept. 4, 1992)
3 Correspondence (June 28, 1993-Nov. 4, 1993)
4 Christmas Correspondence (Dec. 5, 1993-Dec. 15, 1993)
5 Christmas Correspondence (Dec. 16, 1993-Dec. 31, 1933)
6 Correspondence (Jan. 3, 1994-June 27, 1994)
7 Correspondence (March 31, 1994-June 27, 1994)
8 Correspondence (June 28, 1994- Dec. 19, 1994)
9 Correspondence (Feb. 10, 1995-Dec. 18, 1995)
10 Correspondence (Jan. 1996-Nov. 12, 1996)
11 Correspondence (Aug 1, 1997)
12 Correspondence (Undated)
13 Correspondence (Undated)
14 Correspondence (Undated)
15 Correspondence, Photocopied Clippings (Undated)

Box 5


1 Nellie Nugent Somerville Grade Reports (Nov. 27, 1878)
2 Real Estate papers, Tax papers, Drivers License (1907- Nov.25, 1924)
3 Monteagle Sunday School Assembly (Dec. 3,1915-Sept. 22,1988)
4 Abstract Somerville Property Leflore and Victoria (Feb.5,1923)
5 Written Work Honoring the Somervilles (Mar. 2, 1945-Aug. 17,1947)
6 Duplicate Material, Chiefly Biography (Jan. 15, 1954-Nov. 30,1945)
7 Lucy Somerville Howorth and James Somerville Business and Tax Problems (Nov. 3, 1955-May 26,1988)
8 University Thank You Letters (Nov. 1, 1966-May 28,1988)
9 Correspondence Concerning Joseph Howorth’s Will (May 23,1975-Aug. 23,1983)
10 DAR (Sept. 11, 1962-Aug. 23,1977)
11 Joseph Howorth’s Will (May 23, 1975-May 22,1980)
12 Correspondence and Receipt Book Dealing with Joseph Howorth’s Estate (June 13, 1977-March 17,1983)
13 Joseph Howorth’s Account Book (1977-1979)
14 Estate Planning (June 25,1980-July 30,1982)
15 Lucy S. Howorth’s Papers Concerning Her Will (July 16,1980-June 18,1985)
16 Distribution of Assets (March 31, 1982)
17 Income Tax Information (1983)
18 Correspondence Requesting Personal Appearances (Nov. 29, 1983-Sept. 6, 1986)
19 Roof Repair (Dec. 23,1997-Dec. 24,1997)
20 Alpha Omicron Pi Centennial Celebration (Aug. 28,1997)
21 Letters to LePoint Smith (June 17, 1998-July 13, 1999)
22 Lucy S. Howorth’s estate (May 1988-Sept. 16, 1997)
23 AAUW (June 24, 1988-June 25, 1989)
24 100th Birthday (July 2,1995)
25 Letterhead Envelopes (Undated)
26 Written Stories (Undated)

Series III: Professional, Boxes 6 and 7

Box 6


1 Federal Bar News (Oct. 1, 1943-May 1944
2 National League of Lawyers (Dec. 4,1946-Sept. 9,1948)
3 Correspondence, Receipts, Pamphlet (Aug.4, 1950-Oct. 1997)
4 Correspondence, Letterhead, Invitation, News Letters (June 3,
1937-Oct23, 1995)
5 Mound Bayou (April 1941-Feb. 2, 1965)
6 Law (July 28, 1939-Oct. 14 1952)
7 Taborian Hospital (1957)
8 Pamphlet on the Occupation of Ole Miss (Sept. 30,1962)
9 Legal Papers, Restricted
10 Legal Papers, Restricted
11 Tax Receipts (Jan. 30,1923-1940)
12 Miss. Bar Association Convention Proceedings and Speech (1924)
13 Law Papers (Sept. 22,1909)

Box 7


1 Nellie Nugent Somerville’s Election to the Miss. Hall of Fame (June 2, 1981-March 3, 1982)
2 Invitation Responses (Nov. 10, 1981-Nov. 15,1981)
3 Correspondence with Universities/Colleges (June 16,1983-Nov. 20, 1995)
4 Misc. Items Concerning Women’s Rights (Undated)
5 Misc. Items Concerning Women’s Rights (April 1,1941-1995)
6 Correspondence Concerning Women’s’ Rights (May 8,1944-Dec. 4,1948)
7 Correspondence Concerning Women’s’ Rights (Oct 10,1974-Nov. 18,1974)
8 Correspondence Concerning Women’s’ Rights (Oct. 10,1946-May 8, 1947)
9 Correspondence Concerning Women’s’ Rights (Jan 14, 1947-Nov. 27,1949)
10 AAUW (May 15,1944-July 16,1991)
11 Wood Jr. College, Natchez Trace DAR (Mar14, 1911-Mar. 19,1986)
12 Miss State Hall of Fame L. S. Howorth (Nov. 15,1981-Dec.1981)
13 Establishment of a Normal College in North Miss. (Oct. 8,1923-Oct. 23,1923)
14 Speeches (July, 1935-July 211953)
15 Speeches (April 17,1952-Oct 8,1955)
16 Speeches (1944-April 5,1984)
17 Speeches (Aug.21, 1944-Oct. 8,1951)
18 Speeches (1938-July 18,1978)
19 Speeches (1935- Feb. 22,1958)
20 Speeches (1922-March 1986)
21 Speeches (June 5, 1948-June 1986)
22 Speeches (Nov. 18, 1974-March 8, 1986)
23 Monteagle Sunday School Assembly, Miscellaneous Papers (1966-Jan 12,1996)
24 M.S.S.A. (June 26,1978-Nov.7, 1981)
25 Correspondence (April 1974-May5, 1974)
26 Correspondence (June 14,1976)
27 Correspondence (Feb. 15,1984-March 15.1984)
28 Correspondence (Feb. 26, 1959- Jan.20,1997)
29 Correspondence (March 27,1969-Nov. 1995)
30 Correspondence ((Dec. 13,1990-Sept. 10,1997)
31 Correspondence (Nov. 17, 1981-July 2, 1994)
32 Correspondence (June 12,1981-Oct. 12,1993)
33 Information from the Congressional Digest, Guest Lists (Jan. 8, 1936-July 14,1948)
34 Yellow Folder Items Included: Writing Pen *, Tissue Paper *, Throat lozenge * (* Items Removed)
35 Miscellaneous Items Including, AAUW Business Card, Notes, Itinerary (1996)
36 Miscellaneous Items Including: Article from AAUW Journal (May 1954) Bulletin of Nellie Nugent Lecture Series (1985), Awards Banquet,Bulletin for the MS Institute of Arts and Letters (April 22, 1994)
37 Coahoma Humanities Committee (Oct.4, 1974-Oct. 14, 1974)
38 Washington Letters, James S. Associates (May 3, 1959-Sept.11,1956)
39 Veterans Administration of L. S. Howorth (June 2, 1944-May 28,1946)
40 Newsletter Miss. Humanities Council (1955-Dec. 11, 1996)
41 Cotton Contract (July 1926)
42 Correspondence Masonic Annuities (Jan. 10,1905-Feb.1, 1971)
43 Contract to Add Running Water (Jan. 16,1906-Feb. 21, 1974)
44 Letters to Joe Howorth from the Department of the Army (Oct. 19,1956-Nov. 8,1956)

Series IV: Memorabilia, Boxes 8-10

Box 8


1 Pins, 1 Button, Objects of Recognition, Name Plates and Name Cards
2 Picture Frame, 1 Box, The Complaint, by Edward Young (1867)

Box 9


1 AAUW Resolution Commending L. S. Howorth
2 Department of Archives and History Certificate (Nov. 15,1981), Pins, 1Name Tag, Red Cross Patch
3 Federal Communications Commission Certificate to Joseph M.Howorth (1937)
4 U S War Production Board Certificate to Joseph M. Howorth
5 Law Certificates to Joseph Howorth, Certificates from Delta State University, and Radcliffe College
6 Lifetime Achievement Certificate from the Senate of the State of Mississippi (March 6, 1984)
7 Alpha Omega Phi Certificate for L. S. Howorth, Civitan International Creed
8 Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board Certificates (1976- 1992) DAR Certificates (1971-1988)
9 National Historical Society Certificate for Mr. And Mrs. Joseph M.Howorth (1977) Woman of the Year Request Form

Box 10


1 Certificates from; University of Miss., Franklin D. Roosevelt, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College (1916-1968)
2 Various Certificates and Recognition and Cartoons

Series V: Photographs and Artwork (Portraits), Boxes 11-13

Box 11


1 Sketch of Joseph M. Howorth
2 Sketch of Lucy Somerville Howorth

Box 12

1 World War II photos including some of F. D. Roosevelt
2 Photo of the Secretary of War
3 Miscellaneous photos
4 Signed photo of J. Edgar Hoover
5 Official Military Photos
6 Photo of General Jacob L. Devers
7 Photo of Lieutenant General Stephen J. Chamberlain
8 Drawing (magazine clipping) of Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig
9 Photo of General Omar N. Bradley
10 Photo of Lieutenant General Walter b. Smith
11 World War II Photos
12 World War II Photos
13 World War II Photos
14 World War II Photos
15 World War II Photos
16 World War II Photos
17 World War II Photos
18 World War II Photos
19 World War II Photos
20 World War II Photos
21 World War II Photos
22 World War II Photos
23 World War II Photos
24 Letter from Mamie Doud Eisenhower and Signed Photo of Husband
25 Letter and Photo of W.L. Marbury July 1947
26 Photos of Military Officers
27 Photos of Military Officers and Small Artwork, Photo of Lucy S. Howorth and Joe Howorth and a Photocopied Article
28 World War II Photos, Photos of Monuments at Washington D.C.,Photos of Lucy S. Howorth

Box 13


1 Painting of Joseph M. Howorth
2 Photocopy of an Old Photo of Nelli Nugent Somerville and Children, Joseph Howorth’s military I.D., Photo of Margaret Mahoney
3 Slides of a Portrait of Nellie Nugent Somerville
4 Photos of Lucy with J.F. Kennedy, F. D. Roosevelt, and Eudora Welty, Military Photos, Miscellaneous Photos
5 Photos of Lucy and Joseph Howorth young and old
6 Photo of Undersecretary of War Patterson and His Staff (May 10,1944)
7 Envelope 2 Photos of Joseph Howorth Painting, Envelope 3 Photo of a painting of Nelli Nugent Somerville, Envelope 4 and 5 Miscellaneous Photos
8 Lucy Somerville Howorth
9 Envelopes including Photos of Cape Anne, Georgetown, Monteagle, Boyle, the River and Beulah, Joe Howorth, Judge Lucy’s Home on South Victoria Ave., Randolph Macon Woman’s college, L. S. Howorth’s 96th Birthday, Clothes Line Exhibit and Delta State, Cleveland Churches, Oakland, California and Cleveland, Texas and Miscellaneous Photos
10 Sketch and Photo of Joseph Howorth, Photo of Miscellaneous Photos, Photo of Nelli Nugent Somerville’s Brother
11 Photos of Alpha Omega Phi House at Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Joseph Howorth, Military Mrs. Carroll Lay Stewart, And other Miscellaneous Photos
12 Envelope (1) Negative, (2) Old Photo, (3) Joseph Howorth, (4) Sketches of L. S. Howorth, Military Photos, Photos of Joseph M. Howorth, (5) Miscellaneous Old Photos
13 Envelope (1) Photos of a Painting of Joseph, (2) Photos of Portrait of Lucy (3) Photos of Lucy with the DAR (4) Photos of Lucy and Joseph and Lucy’s Mother and Negatives (5) 12 Slides of L. S. Howorth
14 Photos of Lucy S. Howorth
15 Old Photo
16 World War II Photos, Military Photos of Joseph Howorth
17 World War II Photos
18 Photo of Benjamin Grubb Humphreys
19 Christmas Photo Greetings
20 Christmas Photo Greetings
21 Christmas Photo Greetings, Photos of L. S. Howorth’s 100 B-day
22 Christmas Photo Greetings
23 Christmas Photo Greetings
24 Christmas Photo Greetings and Miscellaneous Photos
25 Photo of Sally Myra Cox Smith
26 Photos of a Party for LePoint Smith July 1, 1990
27 Christmas Photo Greetings
28 Christmas Photo Greetings
29 Photo taken from Mrs. Elsum G. Hedges’ letter
30 Miscellaneous Photo
31 Photo of Lucy R. Somerville
32 Photo of Lucy Somerville Howorth

Walter Sillers Office building Photo

Series VI: Newspaper Clippings, Box 14

Box 14


1 Law
2 L. S. Howorth, Nelli Nugent Somerville Hall of Fame
3 Miscellaneous
4 Stars and Stripes (September 1943)
5 L. S. Howorth and Nelli Nugent Somerville Hall of Fame
6 Lucy Somerville Howorth
7 AAUW, L. S. Howorth, Women’s articles
8 Women’s issues, Miscellaneous
9 Miscellaneous and Lucy Somerville Howorth
10 Lucy Somerville Howorth
11 Lucy Somerville Howorth’s 100 B-day
12 Obituaries and Articles Eulogizing Lucy Somerville Howorth
13 Faulkner, Lucy Somerville Howorth Honored, Miscellaneous
14 Joe Howorth, Annie Byrn Roberts Obituary
15 Mary Emma Tate Obituary, Bolivar Commercial (May1982) Miscellaneous Articles for the Washington Post
16 Nelli Nugent Lecture Series, Lucy Somerville Howorth 102 B-day
17 Government Issues, Women’s Issues, Lucy Somerville Howorth
18 Miscellaneous, Women in War
19 Proceedings of Dinner Honoring Mrs. F. D. R.
20 Lucy Somerville Howorth’s Career, Miscellaneous
21 Gender Issues, Women’s History, Miscellaneous
22 Hicks Senate Victory
23 Article from the Chattanooga Times (July 21, 1967)
24 Miscellaneous
25 L. S. and Joe Howorth, The Bolivar Commercial (April 20, 1987)

Series VII: Scrapbooks, Box 15

Scrapbook of Lucy and Joseph Howorth, included are photos of family and friends