Delta Council Collection


Charles W. Capps, Jr.
Archives and Museum 


Collection Number: M050

Inclusive Dates: 1938-1985

Bulk Dates: 1943-1975

Volume: .5 cu. ft.

The Delta Council Collection

The Delta Council is an area economic development representing the eighteen Delta and part Delta counties in Northwest Mississippi. In 1935, the Delta Council was organized on the campus of Delta State University where they still hold their annual meetings. It was organized by a group of farsighted citizens to provide a medium through which the agricultural, businesses and professional leadership of the area could work to solve common problems and promote the development of the economy of the area. With the headquarters at Stoneville, Mississippi, Delta Council is supported and financed by dues-paying members and by the counties that it represents. Its board of directors is elected by a referendum vote of the members representing the counties and municipalities of the area. When the Delta Council was organized in 1935, members focused on three main areas of activity. These areas were: 1. The promotion of agriculture, including agricultural research and legislation related to agricultural programs of special significance to area farmers 2. Flood control and drainage, which are imperative to the area’s welfare 3. The promotion and development of transportation facilities and services with special attention to the development of a modern highway system throughout the entire Delta.

Scope and Content

The collection contains various materials collected since the Delta Council’s beginning. These materials are Delta Council directories, newspapers, booklets, pamphlets, brochures, annual reports, progress reports, and photographs.

Box Inventory

Box 1

Folder 1- Programs from the annual Delta Council meeting. Years ranging from 1949-1975.

Folder 2- Two booklets about flood control in the Mississippi valley from the Delta Council, two economic progress reports from the Delta Council (1985), One mainstream Mississippi booklet from 1982-1983.

Folder 3- Five Delta Council annual reports. Years ranging from 1943-1950.

Folder 4- Five Delta Council annual reports. Years ranging from 1951-1956.

Folder 5- Three Delta Council directory booklets ranging from years 1949-1952.

Folder 6- Three Delta Council directory booklets ranging from years 1953-1956.

Box 2

Folder 7- One brochure about the Delta Council (1985), one brochure about Mississippi’s basic resources, one brochure titled New Resources of Wealth from Our Forests from the Delta Council Forestry Committee (1943).

Folder 8- One booklet titled A prospectus of the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta from the Delta Council, one pamphlet about the development of primary roads during the next quarter century, one Delta Council booklet from May 3, 1944, one booklet of the Delta Council’s history from 1938-1943.

Folder 9- Two Delta Council Newspapers from October 1972, one MFC newspaper from May 1980, one Delta Council newspaper from April 1985.

Folder 10- Various papers, letters, and maps dealing with the Delta Council.

Folder 11- One photo of cottonwood plantation in Greenville, MS, one photo of Greenville’s lake front.


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