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Dr. Sidney Eckert’s The Consumer’s World Collection


Charles W. Capps, Jr.
Archives and Museum


Collection Number: M057

Dates: ca. 1970s

Volume: .90 cu. Ft.

Biographical/Historical Sketch:

Materials in this collection were donated to the Delta State University Archives by Dr. Sidney Eckert. Dr. Sidney Eckert was a former professor of Business at Delta State University. This collection is a compilation of Eckert’s research during the 1970’s. In this collection, Eckert discusses the rights and responsibilities of today’s consumer. He stresses the importance of being knowledgeable of the various aspects of the American marketplace. He also discusses the need for consumers to become aware of the false advertisements and misrepresentations that many manufacturers use to sell their products. In addition, Eckert provides a list of factors to consider before purchasing home appliances, houses, automobiles, food, and clothing. Dr. Eckert also discusses the significance of money management, insurance, and consumer credit.

Scope and Content:

This collection is broken down into four units. Each unit is composed of several chapters written by Dr. Eckert. Each chapter covers a particular idea about the marketplace and how it affects the American consumer. While some chapters deal with the importance of consumers being aware of the various aspects of the American marketplace and the misrepresentations and false advertisements that manufacturers use to sell their products, other chapters deal with factors to consider before purchasing houses, automobiles, and clothing.


Box 1

Folder 1 The Dilemma of the Consumer

Folder 2 Functioning in the American Marketplace

Folder 3 The Changing Role of the Consumer

Folder 4 Using Services

Folder 5 Consumer Credit

Folder 6 Purchasing Clothing

Folder 7 Buying Food

Folder 8 Sundry and Dangerous Products

Folder 9 Automobiles

Folder 10 Buying Household Furnishings and Appliances

Folder 11 Housing

Folder 12 Money Management

Folder 13 Consumer Savings

Folder 14 Investments

Folder 15 Life Insurance

Folder 16 Local, State, and Federal Taxes

Box 2

Contains a duplicate of every chapter in Box 1.