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1/1       03/08/1832      To Col. B.M. Terrell     From A. Pollard           Request for Minute Book  

1/2       07/05/1849      To Col. B.M. Terrell     From Moor & Lyne      Financial & yellow fever.

1/3       08/19/1850      To Col. B.M. Terrell     From Moor & Lyne      Financial

1/4       09/14/1850      To Col. B.M. Terrell     From Moor & Lyne      Financial

1/5       02/15/1853      To Col. B.M. Terrell     From George Gray       Request for cooking ware.

1/6       04/03/1860      To JRBaird, at college  From Mother                Swamp news; sending money

1/7       12/27/1860      To JRB’s brother          From JRB, at college    Feelings about the war; elections

1/8       03/02/1860      To JRB, at college        From Father                 Feelings about war; money; report  

                                    To JRB, at college        From Mother                Resist alcohol and cigars.

1/9       06/17/1861       To JRB                        From Father                 Feelings about enlistment

1/10     03/05/1862      To Father                     From JRB                    KY & TN;  marching

1/11     09/18/1862      To Parents                    From JRB                    Munfordville KY surrender

1/12     03/19/1863      To Mrs.JM Baird         From J.M. Baird           Cannons Yazoo City; fear G’wood

1/13     08/28/1863      To Father                     From JRB                    In Chattanooga TN; war life

1/14     08/29/1863      To Father                     From JRB                    Chattanooga ;  Bragg/Rosencranz

1/15     03/18/1863      To Mother                    From JRB                    Poor health;  small pox quarantine

1/16     10/18/1863      To Mother                    From JRB                    Find sub and get 40 days leave  

1/17     10/19/1863      To Father                     From JRB                    Find Recruit and get leave;  GA

1/18     09/30/1864      To Sister                      From JRB                    Written in Hospital Dept.; life.

1/19     12/10/1865      To Nannie (future wife)From JRB                     Opposed to long engagements

1/20     12/21/1865      To Nannie                    From JRB                    Visit to Columbus; Crawfordville

1/21     04/20/1866      To Nannie                    From JRB                    Nervous about marrying

1/22     05/28/1866      To Col. B.M. Terrell     From E.L. Casby          Financial; cotton prices

1/23     01/02/1866      To JRB(at Vaiden)       From Nannie (Brandon)  Portions of letter missing; Brandon  

1/24     01/21/1866      To Nannie                    From JRB                    Feelings about marriage; will visit  

1/25     03/06/1866      To Nannie                    From JRB                    Toothache remedy

1/26     03/13/1866      To Nannie                    From JRB                    From “Beautys Retreat”; gardening

1/27     03/14/1866      To Nannie                    From JRB                    Jones Landing;  happy

1/28     03/20/1866      To Nannie                    From JRB                    Thoughts about a parents’ love

1/29     03/27/1866       To Nannie                   From JRB                     Beautys Retreat; measles;

1/30     This file consists of records from the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library which contains a copy of a portion of the history of Sunflower County 1844-1976; obituary for J.R. Baird; page from the 1880 census; cemetery information on the Baird family; Chancery Court petition upon the estate of Thomas Catchings Baird.



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