Interested in borrowing the Emmett Till Traveling Exhibit? We certainly hope so! The exhibit has travelled over 8,000 miles – from the East Coast to the West Coast! Please take time to review the information below regarding the exhibit’s dimensions, space requirements, reservation fees and security/insurance issues pertaining to the exhibit.

The exhibit consists of ten free-standing silkscreen panels that are 39" wide by 7′ tall. They are very easy to set up and take down and do not require a large display area. 


If you are interested in hosting the exhibit, please review the following questions regarding your display site.  There is an exhibit reservation fee of $150.00 and each host institution has the option to request gallery guides and/or teacher aids to suppliment and enhance the visitor experience through the exhibit.  Gallery Guides and Teacher Aids are available for $.31 each.   For more information, contact us!


Shipping & Receiving:

Each host site can choose how to receive the exhibit.  The exhibit should always be returned to the Delta State University Archives.  For all shipping methods, you will need these details.  The exhibit is arranged in three shipping containers.  The weights for these are as follows: #A (60lbs.), #B (47.7 lbs) and #C (47.6lbs).  Each container is approximately 2feet x 3feet x 2feet in size.

Space & Lighting:

  • What is the size of the room where you plan to place the exhibit?

  • Where is it in relation to the front doors or main access doors of your building?

  • Is there enough space for the panels, vertically? 

  • Are there any light fixtures hanging from ceiling? Will these touch or interfere with the exhibit panels?

  • Do you have track lighting or recessed lighting in the area?


  • How will the exhibit be monitored while the area is open for the public? For instance, will a staff person be in the area, is there a security camera system in operation or will the institution make visual checks of the area on a regular time schedule?

  • How is the facility secured after public viewing hours? Is there a fire/security alarm system?

While we do not require a borrowing institution to carry special insurance for this exhibit, we do ask that you agree to the terms of the Borrowing Institutions Agreement which states that if any of the panels are damaged while in the care of the borrowing institution, that institution will pay to have that panel or those panels replaced at cost. 

For specifics on transporting the exhibit to your site, please contact us!



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