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How to Access Databases off Campus

    Accessing databases such as EbscoHost, JSTOR, and other more specific databases off campus is not very complicated. The librarians and staff at Delta State University are constantly updating and modifying off campus access methods to meet your needs.

Do you live over sixty miles from campus (according to Mapquest) and take classes that meet only online? If so, you may qualify as a Distance Education Student.

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Delta State University Website


     If you are a student, to begin accessing databases at the Roberts-LaForge Library, you first need to go to the main Delta State Website. At the website, you will see links across the top of the screen and to the right of the university name.

Look for the link that says Library.  

Roberts-LaForge Library Website

The next page is the Roberts-LaForge Library Website. This page is the home base to many of the electronic services we offer students at Delta State University. The next link you will click on is Electronic Databases. There are two links available on this page, the one on the top left-hand side of the website and the one on lower center of the website. Both of these links will take you to the next step.

Remote Access Page

The next page is the Remote Access Page. In the box next to Please enter your Student/Employee Id, you will enter your 900 university identification number. An example would be 900123456.

In the box next to Please enter your birthdate (MMDDYY) you will need to enter your six digit birth day. An example would be 010189 for January 1st, 1989.

After you have filled in these two blanks, click on the Submit Query button.

Electronic Database Page

The Electronic Databases by Subject page will be the next page to show on the screen. This is where you will be able to access the database(s) you need. You can search either by the subject area (Business, Humanities, Social Sciences) or you can choose a specific database (Guide to Literature Resource Center, ERIC, LexisNexis Statistics).

If you know the specific database you need by name, you can click on the drop down menu located under “Quick jump to a database.” This will take you to an alphabetical list of all the databases we have available.

General Databases

As for using general databases when you are not sure where to begin, scroll to the bottom of the Electronic Databases website and you will see the two links. Choose the one that best fits your needs:

EbscoHost – The database we encourage everyone to use first. It contains a vast amount of articles: full text, abstracts and citations formats.

JSTOR — This is an archive database. If you are looking or articles dating into the 20th and early first century and they pertain to business, humanities, education, history economics, finance and other genre, then you should consider searching this database. 

On your own…

That is all the information you need to access the Roberts-LaForge Library Databases off campus. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Reference desk at 1-662-846-4431 to talk to a librarian.

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