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Finding State Statistics

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  • County and City Data Book [HA 202 .A36 2000 Ref] – Compiled from several federal agencies, this source contains county and city-level statistics on a number of subject areas. Contains recent data from the Census 2000 and the 1997 Economic Census.
  • County and State Profiles – data on demographics, economics, education, and employment.
  • Mississippi Statistical Abstract [HA 465 .A25 Ref] – Published annually, this publication covers nearly all economic and demographic statistical data for the state.
  • Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER) – Subject index to all PEER reports. “Created in 1973, PEER provides the Legislature with timely and accurate information on Mississippi state government in order to enable that body to perform its function of legislative oversight. PEER analyzes state agency programs and operations and helps the Legislature make state government more effective, efficient and accountable.” (from PEER FAQ Web page) Several reports contain data on expenditures and financial statements of key agencies such as the department of education, gaming commission, and department of corrections.
  • State Data Center of Mississippi – In addition to Census 2000 information, th is site provides maps and other interesting statistical projects.
  • State Profile: Mississippi [HC 107 .M7 H63 Ref] – Locate typical census data for Mississippi counties, selected U.S. cities, and the nation. Population and industry growth rates are also available. State Profile provides projections through 2025.
  • State Rankings [HA 203 .U17 Ref] – See how Mississippi compares to the other 49 states in areas such as crime, education, economy, labor, health, and others. The library holds volumes from 1994 to present.


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Annual Reports

Annual Reports often provide statistical data not found in any other agency document. The Mississippi Library Commission’s State Documents Digital Collection provides links to several agency reports.

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  • Office of the State Auditor – County, school, university, and performance (company, program, etc.) audits. Includes financial statements, supplemental information, and additional reports for the institution in question.

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  • LMI Guide – Comprehensive statistical guide to Labor Market Information. Below are descriptions to several LMI Guide publications. Click on the Labor Market Information tab on the right side of the screen and then click on LMI Publications. Take special note of the Workforce Information Database, a searchable tool for labor information.
    • Annual Averages – Employment/Unemployment averages and unemployments rates.
    • Annual Labor Force Report – Employment information by industry and county.
    • Business Population – Business births and deaths by type of organization and length of life; Changes on ownership; Business births and deaths by county.
    • Commuting Patterns – commuting patterns by county.
    • Covered Employment and Wages – Wage and employment data by county.
    • Maps – Data maps on employment and wage statistics and census information. Area maps are also available. The map area is a great resource for finding visual representations of Mississippi labor statistics.
    • Occupational Projections – 2010 occupational projections for the state, community college districts, metropolitan areas, planning and development districts, and workforce investment areas.
    • Quick Reference Data – Brief county information including population, labor force, education, income, and employment.
    • Unemployment Rates – Shows unemployment rates by county back to 1990.

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  • Department of Revenue – Access various statistics such as annual tax revenues from gaming and casino gross gaming revenues.
  • Mississippi Gaming Commission – Under Reports, access quarterly and monthly reports providing property data, and tax and gross revenues. You can also access a list of all casino licensees.
  • Visit MississippiUnder the Resources link, you can find reports and statistics showing the economic impact of gaming on Mississippi. Additionally, you can also find other key economic indicators such as tourism/gaming employment, expenditures, and revenue.  


  • Crime State Rankings [HV 6787 .C77 Ref] – See how Mississippi compares to the other 49 states in over 7 major categories.
  • Mississippi Department of Corrections – Under Research and Statistics (located by clicking the “About” tab), access information on daily inmate population and monthly fact sheets including statistics on offenses, race, and parole.

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  • Mississippi Public Reports – Various reports on school districts, assessment, accountability. The “reports” link also includes copies of the annual Superintendent Annual Report.

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  • Publications of the National Association of State Budget Officers – This site includes information briefs along with larger publications such as the Budget Processes in the States and the Fiscal Survey of States, a glance at the budgets for all 50 states. Roll over the Publications tab to see the full list.
  • State and Local Government Finances – state and local government data on revenue, expenditure, indebtedness, and assets. Data is available back to 1991. For data solely on state finance, go to the State Government Finances page. This page has a nice rankings feature not available in the State and Local pages. All data on these pages is collected from the Census of Governments (performed every five years) and annual surveys. For more information on the Census of Governments, visit the Federal, State, and Local Governments page.

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  • County Health Statistics – Lists aggregated data on select health outcomes, health behavior, clinical care, and socioeconomic factors for each Mississippi county. This web site is developed by Forum One Communications, in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin’s Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health (MATCH) project.
  • Epidemiology – Reports on several diseases affecting Mississippians.
  • Health Care State Rankings [RA 407.3 .H423 Ref] – See how health in Mississippi compares to that in the other 49 states. The library holds volumes from 1993, 1996 to the present.
  • Health Statistics and Records – Compilation of “vital statistics, teen pregnancy, heart disease, and others.” This site also provides information on how to attain birth certificates and other vital records. Click here for more information on ordering vital records.
  • Mississippi Health Report – report on numerous health indicators including smoking, heart disease, and public health, and mortality. (Use the map to access MS’s data.)
  • Mississippi State Department of Health Publications – Central location for all of the MSDH publications.
  • Mississippi State Health Plan – Statistics cover demographics, health personnel, health care facilities, and the health care system. Previous editions of the Health Plan are available online as well.
  • Mississippi STatistically Automated Health Resource System (MSTAHRS) – customizable tables for the retrieval of vital records and other health related data.
  • State Health Facts Online – Find a profile of Mississippi health including information on demographics, vital statistics, and health care.
  • Time Series Data – Access historical vital statistics for Mississippians. (back to 1913)
  • Vital Statistics – Access the publication Vital Statistics for years 1995 – current year. Arranged by both state and county, you can find data on births, deaths, marriages, teenage pregnancies, divorces, and population.

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  • Reports – Locate financial information, total premiums written, and losses incurred for several different types of insurance. Examination reports are also available at this site.

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Public Universities

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  • Monthly Tax Commission Transfers – Shows monthly tax revenues and to which funds those taxes are transferred. Comparisons to the previous year are made.
  • Diversions to Cities – Shows the amount of sales tax diverted to individual cities on a monthly basis.
  • Cash Reports – Shows how much money was collected from individual taxes and compares that total to the previous year’s total. Years covered are 1998-present.
  • Motor Vehicle Licensing and Title Statistics – Shows the number of titles and tags currently in use. Titles are arranged by type of vehicle. Tags are arranged by type. (i.e. Private, Universities, Purple Heart, Wildlife) Click on “Motor Vehicle and Titles” under Annual Reports.

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