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Troubleshooting Pop-up Blockers or accessing Electronic Reserves

Several different pop-up blockers may be a problem when accessing Electronic Reserves, PDF files, or other items on our web page.  Here is a list of some common ones and how to turn off their pop-up blockers.


Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Safari (for Macs)
Service Pack 2


You may also want to download the newest version of Adobe Reader, which is free.  Make sure that version will work on your pc.  It is strongly suggested that you do not download the Adobe Yahoo Toolbar, so uncheck that box.

Another type of program that could be the reason you are not able to access the Electronic Reserves might be spyware blockers like Spybot’s Search and Destroy, Spyware Blaster, Microsoft Windows Defender, and SpySweeper to name a few.  Please check their help files to find out how to disable (or exit) it temporarily while you download the Reserve pdf files you need.

A few more reasons you might not be seeing the reserve items may be that you may have forgotten to login using your Banner Generated ID (900XXXXXX) and library pin number or not a student this semester.

Any other problems, please contact Systems at 846-4432 or 846-4434.  If there is no answer, contact the Reference Department at 846-4431.


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