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Library Services: FAQs

Q: How do I access databases off-campus?

A: To access databases off-campus, you first must go to the electronic databases page located at /pages/676.asp and have your Student ID (your 900 #) and six-digit DOB handy. Once you click on your desired database, you will be prompted to enter in your login information. For more instructions on accessing databases off-campus, please visit /docs/library/offcampusdbs.pdf.

Q: How can I access the full-text of journal articles?

A: Accessing full-text varies from database to database. Usually, the links to full-text are easy to spot. For instance, in EBSCOhost, the full-text links read HTML Full-text or PDF Full-text; whereas in JSTOR, the full-text is represented simply by PDF. Although the librarys access to full-text resources is increasing day by day, please be aware that not every article or document will be available full-text. For more information on accessing full-text, please visit the respective database guides at /pages/733.asp.

Q: How do I access electronic journals?

A: You can access electronic journals either by the electronic databases page at /pages/676.asp, or by the Full-Text Electronic Journals page at http://cj3rg3sg7d.search.serialssolutions.com/.

Q: How can I get a work-study or RSE position at the library?

A: To find out more information regarding RSE positions in the library, you must contact Cynthia Rocconi at 846-4440.

Q: What are hours for Roberts-LaForge Library, the Instructional Resources Center (IRC), and the Capps Archives and Museum?

A: To view the librarys and IRCs hours, please visit /pages/3459.asp. For the Archives, please visit /pages/1138.asp.

Q: How can I renew my books and videos?

A: You can renew your library materials over the phone. Please call the librarys circulation desk at 846-4430 or the IRC at 846-4345.

Q: What is SFX?

A: SFX is sophisticated software that allows you to find the full-text in other library databases. If the full-text is not available, SFX also provides the ability to request the document through interlibrary loan.

Q: How do I find books?

A: To find books, search the librarys catalog accessible from the homepage. You can always call a reference librarian at 846-4431 for assistance.

Q: How can I access electronic books?

A: To access electronic books, you can search for them either through the library catalog, or the Netlibrary database accessible from the Electronic Databases page.

Q: Im having trouble accessing electronic reserves, what is the problem?

A: Chances are that your browsers pop-up blocker is turned on. For more help on this issue, please visit the librarys pop-up blocker troubleshooting page at /pages/2631.asp.

Q: What is your policy about children visiting the library?

A: Children under 16 are not allowed in the library without adult supervision. High school groups of three or more must be accompanied by an adult. Also, adults should bring no more than three children to the library without making prior arrangements. For more information, please see our policy regarding children at /docs/library/children.pdf.

Q: May I reserve a group study room?

A: Study rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis. The library does have two large study rooms that may be reserved by calling Cynthia Rocconi at 846-4440.

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