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The Ordering Process

A. Types of Materials

1. Departmental allocations are to be used for the purchase of books and audiovisual materials that will be added to the holdings of Roberts-LaForge Library. Most books are housed in the Roberts-LaForge Library, while various types of media are housed in the Instructional Resources Center.

2. No textbooks may be ordered, and duplicate copies of existing holdings will be ordered only in exceptional circumstances with permission granted from the Director of Library Services.

3. Hardbound books will be ordered whenever possible instead of paperbacks to increase the shelf life of the book.

4. DSU Library Services does not accept any materials of any kind on approval. Library Services will not pay for any materials associated with an approval plan.

B. Submitting Orders

1. Department liaisons should submit orders using cards provided by the library liaison.

2. If a CHOICE card is available, submitting an additional order card is unnecessary. Simply submit the CHOICE card.

3. If necessary, additional information such as contact information or specialized order numbers may be required. If a catalog or flyer is available, please include it or a copy of it with the order.

C. Deadlines

1. Departmental liaisons should submit a minimum of 50% of their allocation by November 1st and the remainder by March 1st to their library liaison. Funds not utilized by the ordering deadlines will either be reallocated or used by the library liaison for subject purchases.

2. New faculty orders must be turned in to the appropriate library liaison by November 1.

3. Library liaisons should have all orders turned in to Technical Services by November 15th and March 15th.

4. All orders submitted to Technical Services before the deadlines will be ordered within 30 business days if funds are available.

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