Notification Process

A. New Materials Ordered by Departments

1. Staff from the Technical Services Department will return the order cards to the Library Liaison once materials have been processed, cataloged, and are ready to circulate, or be placed on the shelves (in the case of non-circulating materials). The call numbers for the items will be written on the backside of each order card.

2. The library liaison will review the cards and forward them to the departmental liaison within three (3) business days of receiving the cards from Technical Services.

3. The library liaison will contact the departmental liaison to arrange for the delivery of the cards and will answer any questions about the items received.

4. It is the responsibility of the departmental liaison to inform their faculty about new materials. This can be accomplished by routing the order cards to each faculty member or by supplying a designated area such as a file drawer or box that is readily accessible to everyone in the department.

5. Order cards from new faculty members will be returned to the library liaison. In turn, the library liaison will give the order cards directly to the new faculty member instead of the departmental liaison.

B. New Books

1. To find new books across all subject areas for the entire collection, click on New Books in the Librarys Catalog. This link is located in the top right corner under Library Info.

2. To search by year of publication, use the Power Search feature in the Librarys catalog.

C. Status of Orders

1. After items have been ordered, the status can be determined by searching the Librarys Catalog. Search by title, author, or ISBN. The results may show a status of ON-ORDER, IN-PROCESS, or IN-CATALOGING.

2. Notify the library liaison if you need an item that is not available for check out. The liaison will assist you with getting the item as soon as possible.

3. Contact the appropriate library liaison to inquire about the status of an item if it cannot be determined by searching the catalog.

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