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Departmental Liaison Responsibilities

A. Working with Library Liaisons

1. Keep the library liaison up-to-date with:

  • Needs of the department, faculty, and students
  • New academic programs, courses, or requirements
  • Class assignments that require special resources or services
  • Changes in the department that are relevant to the library

2. Supply guidelines about accreditation standards and notify the library liaison of upcoming accreditation reviews and site visits.

B. Selecting Materials for the Collection

1. Make selections based on the guidelines set forth by your accrediting agencies (e.g. SACS, NCATE, etc.).
2. Consider ordering materials based upon student library needs and the nature of class assignments made by your departmental colleagues.
3. Avoid placing duplicate orders by checking our holdings in the online catalog. Your library liaison can show you search strategies upon request.
4. Consider the research and teaching interests of your colleagues.

C. Evaluating the Collection

1. Stay abreast of accreditation requirements to ensure the librarys collection is up to standard.
2. Make the library liaison aware of any weaknesses or gaps in the collection.
3. Review materials marked for withdrawal and assist with weeding the collection.

D. Preparing Orders

1. Clearly print the information on the order cards. Refer to Appendix C for assistance. If submitting CHOICE cards, complete the bottom portion.
2. Make sure that all of the cards are signed by the departments chair.
3. If your order total exceeds your departments allocation, please prioritize the cards based on departmental needs.

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