Delta State University Strategic Plan
Delta State University’s Strategic Plan is grounded in the institutional mission statement:
As a regional Carnegie Master’s L university located in Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta State University serves as an educational and cultural center for the Mississippi Delta, emphasizing service to the Northern Delta counties and its campus centers in Clarksdale and Greenville. The University offers undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs of study leading to baccalaureate and master’s degrees in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and the School of Nursing, as well as a Doctorate in Education. Emphasis is placed on excellence in instruction, followed by service and research, in the creation of a community of scholars. With special attention to small classes, a friendly environment, and a broad liberal arts foundation, the University encourages significant student-faculty interactions. Delta State provides programs and services that promote intellectual, cultural, ethical, physical, and social development. Students from different cultural, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds will develop the ability to respect and evaluate the thoughts of others; to develop, assess, and express their own thoughts effectively; and to use the techniques of research and performance associated with their disciplines.
Strategic Plan

 Strategic Planning Committee Members for the 2009-2014 Plan:

Beverly Moon, Associate Dean of Assessment and Planning
Vicki Bingham, Luther Brown, Phyllis Bunn, Chris Collins, David Dallas, Becky Foster, Beverly Fratesi, Dana George, David Hebert, Teresa Houston, Julie Jackson, Meg Jones, Christy Montesi, Lisa Sandifer, Dameon Shaw, Jeff Slagell, Corlis Snow, Tommy Verdell, and Heather Walker


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