Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements. A candidate for the Master of Science Degree in Community Development is required to:

1. Fulfill the general requirements for a graduate degree at Delta State University.

2. Complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate work as specified. At least one half of major courses must be at 600-level.

3. Earn a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the major field and overall.

4. In the first semester of graduate study, students are expected to choose a major professor from the graduate faculty teaching in community development within the Division of Social Sciences. Prior to choosing the major professor, the Graduate Coordinator of the Master of Science in Community Development (MSCD) program will serve as the advisor for the student. With the major professor, the student will complete a Plan of Study (POS) wherein the student will outline exactly what courses are to be taken and when over the course of his/her tenure as a graduate student.

5. Students who choose the thesis option will identify two additional faculty members to serve with their major professor on the thesis committee. At least one of the two additional committee members must be from within the graduate faculty of the MSCD program. The student must present a research proposal to the committee. Additionally, the student will write and orally defend the thesis before this committee. 

6. Students who choose one of the non-thesis options must pass written and/or oral comprehensive examination administered by a committee determined by the Coordinator of the MSCD program.