Admission Requirements

Admission. Requirements to the Master of Science in Community Development program are as follows:

1. An undergraduate degree in the proposed area of study or a related area.

2. a. A minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 3.0


    b. At least three years of successful relevant professional experience supported by three letters of                         recommendation from practitioners in the field. 

3. An official GRE test score to be submitted within the first semester of graduate study.

4. Candidates for admission must submit a written statement describing why they enter the program and how the program can lead to career success. They must also submit three letters of recommendation.

5. Applications will be reviewed three times per year, no later than April 15, July 15, and December 15, by the Community Development Graduate Committee.

6. It is recommended that students enter the program with six completed hours in the social sciences, three completed hours in statistics or research methods, and three completed hours in economics, management, or finance. 

7. The Community Development Graduate Committee may require that students take one more more undergraduate courses prior to their formal admittance into the MSCD program. The courses will be identified on the bases of need and will be recommended to the students upon notification of the status of the students’ admission applications.

8. The CD Graduate Committee may also request formal interviews with prospective students prior to their formal acceptance.